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NIUI: An OpenNI / Kinect UDK Library

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    Originally posted by paulv2k4 View Post
    For those of us who can not read things correctly. Could you clarify if you are using DLLBind or Native DLL coding?
    I am mostly using native dll coding (in c++) and then writing a C code layer over the top of it for the DLLBind on the UnrealScript side.

    It's good to hear that there is a few of us trying to do the same thing .

    PS, Progress Update:
    I've been having some issues on the UnrealScript side so that has slowed my progress a lot. Also, I've realized that there will be some serious issues when new levels get loaded as it is likely that OpenNI will lose tracking of users. So I am currently trying out a solution for this, which is going to require me to change a lot of how I originally wanted to structure the c++ side.


      nice work, if u ever want a custom character mesh to play with let me know ill send you something.


        Hi Everyone!

        So I just thought I would let you know that I have now finished the Alpha version of the NIUI API and am going to be releasing it very shortly. I am currently doing a code cleanup and also finishing up some small tutorials.

        To see the current state of the API in action, see below:
        OpenNI to UDK Real-time Bone Rotation Demo (NIUI)


          Awesome work dude, I like how you have a representation of the skeleton floating in the background


            Might I ask how could I start native dll coding? Do I need license UDK? Sometimes I got into trouble UCScript deals things slow,if it could be done in native code, it would be much better!


              The catchphrase "premature optimization is the root of all evil" holds up pretty well with uscript as much as anything else. Its usually worth looking at your problem and seeing if you can optimize it using native functions than to try and do dll coding for it, unless there is a very specific reason for doing so. Anyways, if you want to start dll coding, you make use of the dllbind function, and download yourself a copy of visual studio 2008 C++ express edition. 2010 edition would probably work just fine too. Then follow the instructions in this


                This is awesome.
                Only thing I can possibly think of is the positioning of the skeleton. From the video it looks like the centre is fixed leaving the feet to "hang" if you know what I mean.


                  Hi guys,

                  This is just a bump post to let you all know that the alpha version of NIUI is out.
                  Follow this link to download.


                    Hi! Can you help me?
                    I followed all the steps in Onethought's video using these packages: UDKInstall-2010-12-BETA , NIUI API - Alpha v1.1, nFringeSetup-pre-
                    Then NIUI configuration was finished, OPENNI and Kinect were initialized successfully . However, the psi person can not move to follow me.

                    Console Window showed the code:
                    NIUI: User 1 was detected.
                    NIUI Event PoseDetected was recieved for user 1.
                    NIUI Event CalibrationStart was recieved for user 1.
                    NIUI: User 1 Calibration has begun.
                    NIUI Event CalibrationFailed was recieved for user 1.
                    User 78912188 calibration has failed. NIUI Event PoseDetected was recieved for user 1.
                    I was wondering whether the failure reason is that my computer is windows 7 64 bits.

                    I have downloaded the latest preview release nFringe software, but it can not be activated.Would you please tell me how can I activate nFringe.

                    My email:
                    Thank you so much!!!