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    Vixens From Outer Space

    Vixens from Outer Space is a first-person adventure game split into independent episodes.

    Kidnapped by some armed women and taken half sedated into a flying saucer just a day ago, everything will still look like a dream to you.
    Your first impulse will be to escape and go back to the Earth, but once you go into the story, you will find out events from your family's past too important not to investigate, and it will become clear that being the only human kidnapped among millions that live in the Earth was no coincidence.

    Vixens From Outerspace Links:

    Facebook vixens From Outer Space
    indiedb Vixens From Outer Space
    Greenlight Concepts

    IndieGogo Next stop

    Game features:
    -Naughty space girls.
    -Dialogs system.
    -Stand alone downloadable chapters.

    Awesome, I love how the Beetle Bike looks as if it has a head with his jaw wide open as if it's crazy screaming.
    I have to say however that I'm against shooting sexually atractive women.


      I don't understand what this is.


        ... Porn? game? Looks like it could be cool aside from the disturbing clothing on the women and the nudity.


          Oh, great, campy B-grade action sci-fi! Awesome!




            Hey my mom can't watch me play this game. Not while those big ole bazookas flying around in the game. Do they have nipple cups in your game? Speaking of nipples, those things are humungous. lol. Wooow. Sorry. This thread caught me off guard.

            I said to myself what is TheAgent talking about? Good thing my niece didn't come in my room. She say "Uncle Michael can I play a video game", and see me after I clicked on your link, she'd run out screaming. "Uncle Michael in there looking at bad stuff mommy! " lol.

            All jokes aside. That's some really good modeling skills. I want to make a space game but Star Wars pretty much killed it for me. Oh and Dino Crysis 3
            Those dang Dinosaurs in space just wouldn't die and that dang ole ship was too huge. Game would never end.

            Anyway good job. Those things are huge. lol.


              I believe this image is not the Amazons before the end of the right, because I've spent on their study of half of their lives. Amazon - more than naked women. This disciplined cold-blooded killer, whose body is literally spun from steel. To protect against weapons they do not need any armor or clothing.

              However, if there is somewhere in the planet belongs to Amazon, and she participates in the intergalactic wars, it is unlikely dweller knows what seks.On they do not need, if they have already settled the whole planet. In this case, they can be very highly developed industry of artificial breeding, which involves only machines.

              Amazon - a living machine, with the romance is impossible. To a man could be interested in. Female Amazon, it must be equal to the Amazons. Within the culture of the Amazon can only be militarized regimes, including - War Communism, National Socialism, and the like. It is important to note that the country is female warriors, and manage to be a woman warrior.

              Its political management can not be soft, given who she has to manage. Consequently, the Amazons should be such laws and orders, any modern person will seem barbaric. Excessive aggression Amazon does not lead to anything good for them and for their society - they can not be of high mental health, but may even go crazy.

              "Interesting" man for the Amazon can only single individuals, and only the very young, still angry with the whole world. Presumably, this age range - from 16 years to 22 years.


                Yeah does anyone actually care what a real amazon is other than the website?


                  No, not unless she's Zena the warrior Princess.
                  Amazon - more than naked women.
                  Not quite depicted in the shots. lol.
                  I can't help but stare. That game will make some definite money.
                  Again, really good modeling. I really ant to see the texture you put on the ships and the beetle bikes.
                  Should be interesting.

                  Wait a minute. Dude you showing camel toes on here too. I just noticed. I thought it was just the boobs.
                  Man I'm done. I'm going to have to strip my mermaid in my game. She won't look as hot. lol. Her boobs would be a bit more dangerous but she might pull it off.


                    Player may be interested in the game world, and along with it - the conditions under which made, and lives the society of Amazons. =)

                    I'm think, idea believe the original and interesting. However - as this idea may be taken by the Epic'-s? I think, in terms of use UDK nothing about the erotic at developing games.


                      @Dr Bearhands: Thanks. Umm you can't shoot and try to use other weapon.....

                      @UnspoiledWalnut: XD just play.

                      @TheAgent: perfect that is the goal!!

                      @Blade[UG]: "campy B-grade action sci-fi!", I get this for Marketing!!!

                      @Winwarproductions: LOL, my apologies to your niece.

                      @Archidemon: O_O!! interesting. Yes, In terms of use UDK nothing about the erotic at developing games... for now...

                      Thanks to all


                        What kind of bouncage are we gonna be seeing here?


                          i don't sure but I promise to work hard on that. I'll try first with physical.


                            I would recommend doing some research at Hooters.


                              Hooray!! This is what PhysX was built for!! lol