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Top-Down, Turn-Based Strategy Possible?

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    Top-Down, Turn-Based Strategy Possible?

    Hi All,
    I'm new to the forum and quite new to UDK. I have been following 3DBuzz tutorials to get to grips with the software.

    In order to really start to learn I thought it would be good to work on a specific project - whether it ever gets finished or not. In the past I have theoretically created a top-down turn-based strategy game with a unique twist. I am told that if you can imagine it and work hard UDK can pretty much create any type of game. For context imagine a (similar) basic format of play as for Vandal Hearts, Final Fantasy Tactics, or the in-mission aspect of UFO Enemy Unknown.

    I think it would be good to run this by those with experience before I begin. By default UDK is a FPS, but I know it can do top-down games. What are the prospects of it being turned into a turn-based strategy? An online game for player v player - no AIs?

    I expect the game to best function using point and clicking with a mouse - Am I right to naively assume that that would be easy enough to implement?

    Thanks for your help and any useful starting advice you can offer.

    - Bez

    #1. Those 3DBuzz tutorials are TOTALLY out of date except for a few of the level creation videos.

    #2. It's obvious you have no idea where to begin, but Unreal script is what you need to be learning if you want to do anything past simple (and limiting) Kismet work. You'll find some great (if not a little out of date) tutorials to get you started with Unreal Script at Forecourse. I haven't finished this myself but so far it's an excellent primer on Unreal Script.

    #3. What in the hell does "In the past I have theoretically created a top-down turn-based strategy game with a unique twist." mean? You cannot theoretically create something, you either made it or you didn't.

    I should really put this video in my signature and probably will, but here's a video you should watch to try and ground yourself in reality before attempting your project.


      Generally the answer to such a question is: "I can, but since you had to ask, you can't". However since you've been following some tutorials I guess you'll eventually be able to. I would advise against a turn-based strategy game though. I've been creating an RTS framework so I know what I'm talking about. UDK lends itself beter to other kind of games.

      However I think creating a final fantasy X type combat system (a simplified version of it anyway) might be within your reach, depening of course on how experienced you are with programming in general and how quickly you can grasp it.
      I may have completly misjudged you and you might be able to pull far more or less off than what I thought, I apologise in advance if that is the case.


        I assume he means he imagined a game.

        This is also the wrong forum, you want General Discussion.


          Thank you all for your replies.

          Walnut, I apologise if this is considered the wrong forum, so far as I am concerned my game is a work in progress, even if I've yet to computationally put pen to paper. If moderators wish to move the thread they have my blessing.

          I am competent at programming, but I would not claim to be an expert. I have never programmed anything graphical or user interfaces and so I have a lot to learn regarding games development.

          Dr Bearhands I should point out that FF tactics is a very different game to all the other FFs I suspect you have the wrong type of game in mind. Even so your comments suggest to me that UDK might not be great for a turn-based strategy - establishing that was why I started the thread.

          Jon thanks for letting me know the tutorials are out of date. I have noticed that in parts. I find Zak to be a very good teacher (hats off) he says the right things, goes at the right pace and is easy to listen to.

          What I mean by having theorised it is that if it were a board game I could write the rule book right now. Making it a game requires me to implement those rules graphically and to enable users to carry out actions based on the rules. The principal game concept is new (in my long experience of games) and firmly understood. I did not initially expect to be able to make it in UDK, as FPSs are so far from TBS games, but I keep seeing comments to the affect of UDK can make any game. I wanted to check that.

          As I origianlly stated, I do not mind if I ever finish the project or not. I find it is a more efficient learning experience to work on a project you care about rather than something you don't. That said I wouldn't want to work on a task that can never be accomplished.

          I may try and work on a less well thought through alternative game concept I have I know that would work in UDK.

          Thanks for your input. If anyone has further comments regarding TBS in UDK I am open eared.