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Revelations: Chronicles of Jericho Fox Progress

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    Revelations: Chronicles of Jericho Fox Progress

    Dark Phantom Studio’s Creators are Steven Barrion Donnell Gammage. The project that our Studio is working on at the moment is “Revelations: The Chronicles of Jericho Fox,” which is a UT3 total conversion mod that tells of Armageddon from the New Testament Revelations brought by the Egyptian god deity of Chaos and Storms Seth. This mod will merge both Egyptian and biblical testaments into a story driving third person shooter that will fulfill the player’s knowledge as well as intense action in the mythological world of the Egyptian gods.

    Dark Phantom Studio Members:

    Steven Barrion (Lead Artist)

    Donnell Gammage (Lead 3-D Modeler)

    Josh Paseur (Lead Level Designer)

    Laurent de Laroche Souvestre (Digital Artist)

    Steve Van Burnt (Digital Artist)

    Kelvin Tam (Weapon Modeler)

    Henry Martin (Prop Modeler)

    Progress and Updates

    Hey what’s up guys how is everything going with you all. First off I would like to say Happy new year to you all and I hope you guys have had a great Holiday season as well, I know I did. Sorry for the lack of updates to the mod, everything is good now and I have made a lot of progress on my end and have completed the second phase of the level which is 60% population of the level and now Donnell will go on to phase three of the level process, which is getting the level ready for original environment modeling content.
    Donnell has made incredible progression on my main man Jericho Fox 1912 (Player) and has upgraded the new model and made it ten times more powerful from the original model. He has a beautiful high poly model (created in Z-brush), the hair for the model is on point as well as superb, and the clothes as well as the body is detailed and the anatomy is on point truly superb. He truly has made him a more powerful character. He has more added and detailed accessories that matches him closely to the concept art and makes him close to realism as possible.
    Donnell has already completed three phases of Jericho Modeling process (four phases in all) He has already finished the Highpoly Modeling in Z-brush (Phase I) and creating the new lowpoly model (Phase II), which he is now texturing using the power of z-brush to bring out the full effect of the player’s look, which from the WIP is looking good. He has already completed the rigged, which means he only has the animations to work on for him.

    If anybody would like to give critic or comments on the Jericho 1912 model, the level or weapons we would truly appreciate it. Your word always helps us to improve or models and level for better progress for the players. Thank you everyone we truly appreciate you guys watching our mod’s progress, later for now.