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Duty of War - Bad boys(not official name) | Modern warfare FPS Game

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    Duty of War - Bad boys(not official name) | Modern warfare FPS Game

    Duty of War - Bad boys(not official name)

    -Progress Status: WiP-
    -Release date(May be changed): 10/06-2011-
    -Modern Warfare FPS game-
    -More information will come soon-

    1- Oil Rig
    Pictures(Work in progress - Static Meshes/Texture will be changed! We may use some UDK meshes we like ):
    Pic 1: Click here

    Pic 2: Click here

    More pictures is coming.
    More maps is coming. This game project is still very young. But we working hard , and we will try to update this theard so much as possible!


    Website: Coming soon
    Game Studio: Frostvolt Studio

    And... We like all comments! We like critical comments as well, so we can fix those things :P

    Hey! Nice work on the maps! They look awesome, my question is, will this be a multiplayer game or just single player?


      Please use the "[ shot ] [ /shot ]" tags so it wont break the borders of the forum.

      Otherwise, not too shabby on the level design work, keep it up!


        Can't be serious about this name, or is it temporary?


          answer aZzy: It will be multiplayer as main, we mabey going to make a singel player mode as well!

          answer Kantham: Name is not serious We will deside name later :P

          And i fixed the post, thanks TheAgent that pointed it out ^^
          And thanks for comments


            Originally posted by Kantham View Post
            Can't be serious about this name, or is it temporary?
            Call of duty and bad company combined into a rip off name ... I suggest really renaming asap to avoid looking stupid.


              As i wrote before. Its not a name we will use.

              And before u call Duty of war a rip off name.. Look other games. I bet u can find alot of games that uses duty :P



                Here is some critical feedback

                I havent seen alot of Oil Rig but as far as I can see I cant see any choke points, and these are vital to a first person shooter game or it wont last and end up like Modern Warfare 2 were you be asking "Were is all the action at?"

                So I dont know what type of game you are going for (battlefield feel or a call of duty feel)

                If you really want to take your time and make this a good product just change the release date to TBA, because you stated you wanted a SP and a MP and that is litterly impossible with a 4 month development cycle.

                If you still want a May release date just make this a MP game for now (4-10 maps) and if you ever consider a sequal make a SP and a MP component to it.

                Since this game is early in development just keep this game under wraps for awhile (2-3 months) till you are ready to announce alot of information with the trailer.