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Senior Project Log - UDK!

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    Senior Project Log - UDK!

    Hey guys/gals! I was told that you like to watch WIP's lol. So I figured I let everyone watch us build our game / senior project. Now we are only a team of 3 right now, hoping to get a 4th, but no promises. The team consists of Matt Livengood (Unreal Scriptor), Chris Smith (Storyboard), and myself - Josh Hicks ( Level Designer and Unreal Scriptor). Now our game is more or less like a demo for a company. We want to show off skills that we have learned. Now this is my 2nd time using the UDK for a project. Last time was just to make some maps and learn the basics. But this time around we wanna go big or at least try haha. None of us have experience in 3DS max, Maya, or Blender, so all models will be from UDK unless someone is nice enough to help us create custom models ($$PAID$$!!)

    Our game/demo has to be finished by June/July 2011. We are starting about a semester and half early to either learn Unreal Scripting and for me to learn MORE about the UDK.

    Our game scenario's are the following:
    - Level 1 - Top down/3rd Person item finding, trap avoiding, enemy killing maze.
    - Level 2 - Contra side scroll type feel
    - Level 3 - FPS Doom style!

    We are working as hard as we possibly can and learn as much and as fast as possible. I know that I am working 5 - 9 hours a day so far with the UDK, watching tutorials, implementing tutorials. Matt is so far learning Unreal Scripting as much as his life allows. Chris is doing all the writing haha. We are extremely dedicated and really want to make something nice to show to the developers that come to our presentation.

    I will make a new post for every time I update something, I will not edit my original post because I want you guys to truly watch this project. We will listen to all input and try to satisfy to our best abilities. Any help is appreciated as well.

    Thank you guys and please watch this thread I promise you will love it. I do document everything via youtube.

    So here is first uploaded video of project: (new one is uploading now)
    12/4/2010 -

    New video is uploaded. Sorry for the delay

    12/6/2010 -

    Please comment and let me know what you think


      Great stuff dude - really like it! Keep it up and look into doing the water thang - maybe a three way maze with one dead end and one entrance that leads to a previously inaccessable area (that you can see from earlier in the map!?) for a power up and another swimming path that leads to the end - nice and simple - element of danger with holding your breath too long and a nice little puzzle. Great work.


        Alrighty now! Next video is done recorded, will post as soon as uploaded.

        Only 1 problem, I am needing some assistance in creating rain and making the static meshes look like they are wet. I saw the Day and Night Map from the newest build and I want mine like that, sorta. But looking at the kismet and matinee, I was overwhelmed and couldn't understand it that well.



          Level 1 is 99% completed for my end ! Will post an final update for Level 1 during the week. Just tweaking lighting and weapon/health pack areas. There will be no crosshair in the video, because the script isn't complete, so Godmode will be enabled and I will be recording over the video via Adobe Premiere.


            Level 1 is completely finished! Check it out n comment.



              Hey Hicks,
              Looks great man I am jealous of you rain, any references for how you did it?
              lvl1 looks good & good luck on pt 2


                Originally posted by kudendar View Post
                Hey Hicks,
                Looks great man I am jealous of you rain, any references for how you did it?
                lvl1 looks good & good luck on pt 2
                It actually quite easy. I tried for days to get someone to help me figure it out. There are 2 ways to do it. 1) material instance going between dry and wet. 2) be wet all the time. Now not all materials have the rain effect. I was lucky to have chosen a material that has the rain effect. But you just go into their properties and there is a RAIN check mark box that you can click on and modify the rain variable. Its that simple. Now I will probably at the end change my materials into material instances and have part of the map dry until it comes into my view and then turn them to wet to save performance.

                Here is a picture of what I mean in the material editor:

                all the rain is, is a the material rain_master converted into a material instance. then u go into the material instance editor and check the rain checkbox. add that material instance to the rain static mesh.


                  Okay, sorry for being so late on the posting. I been on vacation and just was getting adjusted to everyday life again.

                  Here is Level 1 completely finished:
                  Here is Level 3 with 25hours into it:

                  I am back and working full time on the project as well as my last 2 HUMN classes in college. My senior Project class isn't for another 2 months, where Ill be putting more attention on the project.

                  BTW! Level 2 was given to another team member to work on as his midterm project, so the style might look a bit different from my style of design. I will be posting updates on Level 2 as I receive them.


                    Wow so it has been awhile since I have been able to do an update for the project. I finally had time to make one and here it is. Sorry for the bad voice quality. I fixed the issue today, but I am not going to re-record. ENJOY!



                      Another update for everyone. I am currently finished with the level design, all that's left is cosmetic work. I am now working on the menu system and loving every moment of this project.



                        Here is a Alpha Presentation on what I did yesturday at my school. It is a 4 part presentation. Please take the time and view and comment please

                        Part 1 Menu -
                        Part 2 Level 1 -
                        Part 3 Level 3 -
                        Part 4 Level 4 -


                          Here is a update on level 3. I said I wouldn't do another update till presentation, but I changed so much that it is definitely needed. I hope you like. Again if you have a **** monitor that isn't bright enough, sorry.