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UDK Earth and Base Scenes

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    UDK Earth and Base Scenes

    Hey Everyone,
    Been browsing around here since around May this year but this is my first time posting, thought I would see what people think and if there are any suggestions that anyone might have to help improve things

    This is all a highly work in progress scene that I am using to create a cinematic that is composed of approximately 20 shots and several minutes in length:

    And I have also spent several weeks creating a very high resolution earth scene for my outer-space satellite shot:

    Almost all of the environment objects were created and setup in the UDK by myself, however the tanks were created by a fellow developer. There's a million things I wanted to do but they will come in time, this was mainly just a test to learn the UDK. So far I enjoy the UDK immensely!

    If you have any questions or critiques, please feel free to post them

    My 2 Cents - the earth - at some images when the lighting is frontal the land looks dark [unlited] but side lighting images and overall the scenes look very good.
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      How did u do the earth?


        Everything is very well done LordSnod. Good on ya for all the work you've put in!

        IMO the concrete ground bump is a little too over-the-top. Especially so when you compare it to the size you have the actor in screenshot5. Using that same screenshot, the concrete barricades are unnaturally large. I don't think I've ever seen one irl that big - they are suppose to be trucked in and moved around fairly easily - I think you'd need a crane to move/unload those. No forklift would ever be able to do it.

        The sandbags look to be about two thirds the size of a person, also unnatural. And I think I see some grass that looks taller than the barricades.

        Take all that with a grain of salt. Great work never the less (:


          I think those concrete blocks are close to OK, at least it seems like the ones we used to have in our airport entrance, They usually not lifted with forklifts but with those trucks that have cranes behind the driver. and they usually can cary about 2-4 of those at a time. It's as tall as a regular car...


            It all looks a bit out of scale in comparison the the character. Just scale everything down a little.