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    The player is able to build and upgrade several types of buildings.
    The walls will range from practically a fence, to a rock wall.


      Just thought I'd let you know things are still evolving in the game, both functionally and visually:

      So... news!

      A lot of functions and solution done early on in the project was a compromise due to lack of skills and knowledge. This gave a lot of results I am not pleased with, particularily how the player constructs buildings.However, I have learned a lot, and gained a much greater understanding in various areas of the game's development.
      Thus a lot of of new pathways and doors has been opened to me recently, and more opens up every day.

      This has made me take a step back and look over the whole thing. I realize now much better way to do things, and have done a lot of replanning and restructuring.
      I see now what works and what doesn't work.

      Essentially, I am trying to take Settling Revenge to the next level.

      This means that the next version will have a ton of major changes. In the end, you may not even recognize the game.

      However, there's a downside. There's only so much I can do on my own. In order to really give quality to the game at a pace where the game can be finished this century, I need to outsource.
      This means that there will be two major steps.

      First, there's all the restructuring for the next version that I will do myself.
      Players will be able to construct buildings where they want to, themselves.
      They can spawn soldiers and workers from their designated buildings, and order them around freely.

      However, outsourcing needs funding.

      This means in order to fund the second step, the first step will have a price.
      There's no set price, but I am thinking of £5.99 or £9.99 depending on what feedback you will give me.Of course, remember that the more people are willing to pay, the faster funds will be raised and the faster the game will be developed.

      All funding will be directly spent on making the next step as overhauling, big and improving as possible.

      The second step will really bring life into the game, depending on how much funding the game gets. The first priority of the funding will be a lot of character work, with animations and by extent of that much improved combat. With these characters, the second half of the game, the combat and survival aspect, and the enemies, will also finally be possible
      .Multiple types of workers, and fighters, NPC's, encounters like bandits and caravans. Will all be possible if enough funding is recieved.

      If further funding is achieved, the next step will be a lot of sound work, including soundtrack developed by Philippe Rey.
      And then voice acting.
      This will also mean that much greater potential for story and meaningful NPC's.
      With these included, I will myself work on giving the game a lot more on the exploration side where people can find side stories, unique objects and enemies.
      The remaining funding if more is gained shall be spent of assets. A lot of assets. These will greatly fill the world with life.

      I hope that people can see why the game is in need of funding are understanding. I hope this does not appear as me being lazy and just greedy for money.
      I honestly do it for a game I have passion for and that I greatly wish to see expand.

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        First time visiting this thread, and from comparing initial shots with latest ones, I'd say the game is shaping up nicely. Good job!


          Looks great, I love the concept of the gameplay. Can't wait to see more on it.


            Thanks guys.