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    Settling Revenge

    I have been using the development parts of the forum for quite some time now, yet never realized that this is a sub-section of the forum rather than just a title.

    I am currently working on a RPG/FPS/RTS protoype set in the iron age, which I am calling "Settling Revenge", the name is based on the backstory.

    Quick Runthrough:
    You were the runner-up to the chief of your village, seeing you as a threat to his throne, he has you exiled from the community.

    You start off on the other end of the valley the region is set in with nothing, but your basic tools.
    Your goal is to start your own settlement and reclaim what is yours or create something even greater.

    Your starting tools is a basic hammer, pickaxe and hatchet. You will use these as expected, to retrieve various resources like wood, stone and eventually ore, and for constructing new buildings using the resources you gather.

    Progress will begin slow, but as your settlements starts taking shape, you will begin to attract other exiled and newcomers, you can delegate these as either warriors or workers. The warriors can be ordered to either use bows or melee weapons. And the workers can be ordered to gather any material or work on buildings.
    (I may have the warriors and workers upgradeable, depending on how feasible and complex it will need to be once the prototype starts coming properly together.)

    The buildings are so far planned to be Walls, housing, town hall, your home, forge, mines and armoury and maybe various minor structures to add to attractiveness. (The buildings will likely be upgradeable)

    The progress so far:
    I suppose this will be the interesting bit.

    So far I got my own map with the opponents city.
    I got a fair amount custom meshes, some music and sounds, the basic tools already animated, my own UI and some of the menus.

    I have planned how to do the resource system, I am currently just waiting on confirmations on some scripting.
    I already got a system on how to construct buildings working, I just need the resource system before I implement it.

    I expect the biggest task will be the AI.

    I haven't taken any footage lately, but I got a few screenshots, just keep in mind that some fixes to meshes, lighting improvements, custom ui and more has been created since these.

    Being a Indie game, everything will be under construction all the way until the final, so objects already in the game should be considered placeholders for now.

    (Are these images considered too big to not use the [shot] tags, by the way?)
    Edit: Oh and yes, the trees and terrain are UDK content. I simply have not gotten that far yet.

    Just letting you know that a lot has happened, since the OP.
    Gotten most of the systems working, like resources, getting units, how various statistics works and are gained and spent etc. And I have also been working a lot of the buildings the player can make as well as generally more assets. It is starting to look like a game rather than just an environment now.

    I have also been contacted by a publisher and seller.


      Hey cool. Someone else is making a "playable" outside level as myself. lol. That's really great about the publisher. I like that you have a lot of huts spread out, so you already have a lot to explore, and the main area on the top of the mountain to let the player know there is another area to reach.

      It's definitely up to you but when you get a chance. I don't know if it's because of how bright the lighting is but those wooden posts/stakes seem a little bright at the tips. At first glance to me they look like giant pencils.

      Also for the flat textured grass,you think you can tile it a little bit smaller. I'm having trouble with making mine look believable myself. I don't know the scale of your character in the scene, but the flat grass might make him look small. Put a character in there if you haven't already. Try a UT3 character skeletal mesh.

      Another thing, I don't know if the player will be able to walk inside all of the huts, most of them, or any at all, but some of them are embedded in the terrain I see. Unless you wanted it like that.

      Rocks are being tricky for me right now as far as making the light bring them out, but right now I'm working in a dark area. Your rock tiling looks good with no seems, but since the lighting is so bright, do you want to dim the rocks a bit.

      I like the barrels. They looks nice.

      As for the yarn/hay tops of the huts. It would have been cool if you alpha'd some hay so straw hangs off the edge of the roofs.

      Anyway, you have a lot done and it looks really good.


        Settling Revenge

        Looks very promising Great Work Tho

        I love the idea behind this game, I hope your able to implement it effectively.. Congratulations on the Publisher that is a huge step forward

        Everything appears to be very Bright / Lacking shadows I think is whats making it look like that, I would love to see a Day/Night system put in would be nice .

        the Barrells Look nice, but They feel .. Like they don't belong? Perhaps its the colour / lighting being too bright? The feel of the scenes places it around medieval Times with the straw roofs and such. There is a lot of "brown" type colours in the scenes also, can you change this up a little bit?

        I would love to see some more screenshots of the UI / menus and such to have a good look at it .

        I would love to see "other types of Huts", that would be Epic .

        The Axe Weapon / Tool looks really good in the Second Screeny.

        The Texturing looks Good, but the Ground one looks a little "stretched / too Big?".

        But Great Work, great start, looking forward to seeing this to completion


          Thanks for the tips!

          I have to admit I haven't gotten to work much on the looks yet, mostly trying to put together the technical stuff and simply getting the whole game to "work".

          I'll try to spend more time replacing meshes, textures, improving lighting and the like, at least as I get more of the basics out of the way.

          As for the settings, I know the OP says "Early Medieval", but it's actually more of a late iron age setting. I dunno why I said that to be honest.


            Man I've been thinking about a game with I think very similar game-play for ages now. Could you evaluate a little more on what you had in mind? Perhaps we can come up with something that is mutually beneficial (if you'd like that of course).


              Knowing of your RTS framework project, your skills would indeed be useful.
              However, I'm just not fond of relying on people I don't know on the internet, sorry.


                So we are kicking things up a notch, and just started improving the level:
                I'm quite pleased with the result, but I might be biased, What do you guys think?

                We are of course going to do a lot more, like replacing the skydome and mass producing various rocks and objects to fill out the enviroment.

                Of course, this is just the graphical department.
                A lot has also happened with the game itself. It's already quite playable, the player can gather resources, build various buildings, hire workers and guards, earn money and reputation which in turn can be used for buying upgrades and increasing the rate of getting more people, etc.


                  Looks like you're improving!
                  A couple of points:
                  The green is too much, too green, can you try darken it a little and/or make it less colorfull? Same for the brown paths.
                  The map doesn't look very usable in terms of gameplay. For an RTS it's not "open" enough and for your run-of-the-mill FPS it needs more "paths" (for linear gameplay). Unfortunatly I don't know how you'd go about fixing it, most FPS/RTS hybrids I've seen are either clearly and RTS with a zoomed in cam or an FPS with a top-down cam and issuing some commands. I remember BattleZone 2 had actually a nice combo as far as maps go.

                  Good luck with your project, I hope you manage to achieve what you want, drop me a PM if you want to discuss about the gameplay style or something.


                    The image really doesn't show the map's actual layout. It's also a lot larger than it looks, you see that tiny grey stripe near the end of the woods, where the paths connect? That's actually the height of a man. It's not a large scale rts anyway, the gameplay is also done all FPS.

                    The layout works, don't worry about that.

                    As for the textures, I tried to desaturate them, but it's hard to not make it almost seem depressive. I'm not making a GOW or a UT in terms of coloring here.


                      Originally posted by Graylord View Post
                      I have also been contacted by a publisher and seller.
                      Can you go into any more details here?
                      I don't want names or anything but did they contact you via the forums? or another source.

                      Also if you could elaborate on what they have talked about when contacting you?

                      You say "We" sometimes, how many of you are working on the project? before and after you have been contacted?

                      Very interested in the business side of things


                        The publisher is well known to be very open to indie developers.
                        All I did was post the project on a microfunding site, and it turns out they regularily roam such sites looking for potential investments.
                        They in turn contacted me, and one thing lead to another.

                        However, I have actually not agreed to the contract yet. Sort of.
                        We are in contact, and I have been getting a lot of help, but the project is just in too early stages to know how things will turn out, so I cannot legally obligate myself to it just yet. They fully understood and left the door open for when things are more under control.

                        I sometimes say we due to a friend temporarily joining in on the project.


                          hi i have a quick and probably dumb question. if the village has stone towers why not stone walls? :P


                            There actually could be Stone Wall and Stone Towers and then Wood Wall and Wood Towers


                              so true :P