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Adventure Boy (update 2)

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    Adventure Boy (update 2)

    I am Foad torfi and I have been starting to make the game Adventure Boy. The story is refer to a curious boy who is entered to a dreamed and puzzled island. He should solve some puzzles in each part of the game to pass the levels. EMail:Foad_Torfi[atsign]

    Please send me your comments whom visit my forum

    ----------DEMO ----------
    Thank You

    I'd love to see a video of what's going on here.

    Are you asking for replies here to be emailed to you?


      Cool! I like that its so colorfull. The little boy gives me the creeps though... I am not sure if its the model itself or just a general fear of children on my part.

      I think it is a bit overbloomed at the moment, however.


        Thanks a million for your comments, I will also answer you if you send me via email.
        EMail :Foad_Torfi@Yahoo.Com


          ----------DEMO ----------


            Hey this is cool. I didn't see this game. I thought I was downloading the actual demo though.
            I like that you have a lot done already too. I noticed some things though, as would anyone to my own.
            When the player/kid jumps in the air, it's kind of weird. I guess the animation stops too early as if he already landed or there is none at all. I know the default animtree in udk and animset has multiple animations for the jump system so playing with how they have it setup would help a lot. I noticed his arms didn't move at all, while in the air. If you fix that, which shouldn't be hard at all, it would make game play blend in much better.

            Also it's a dream world, so you can take it any route you want. Even so, try not to make it where it's a dream about the attack of the primitive shapes.

            Drevlin"The little boy gives me the creeps though"
            It probably gives you the creeps, because usually characters with big heads and such in stylized games like this are sometimes shell shaded or just a flash cartoon game. Just from what I've seen. Or the Rugrats game. So that makes you feel like, okay this is definitely a fake kids game.
            Yet when it looks kind of real with lighting and shadows, or if I was in the game like this and I see a big kid with a giant head running towards me in a toy hallway I would freak out too. His eyes wide open too. lol. It's like I'm playing Doom, with bobble headed enemies .
            Okay now this is a horror game.

            I don't know about the story, but you stated the concept above. So I can't comment any further.

            Anyway looks cool. You have a lot done. You even have a dang trailer, maaaaan.
            I got to get one of those.