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    Delve Official Vid|Doc

    Okay I know everyone has been complaining about seeing a video of the game, and I have been compiling this video since we started working on this project in High school.

    Check it out either on the website or on youtube.

    Video Description:

    This video will show and tell you how Delve originally started, from to the point of where it lies now. Delve The Corrupt and Fortune has had a tragic loss in a Hard drive failure. We on the other hand only had the remains of other saved info of our game and thus why you may see repeated items through out the video.

    Delve Future Combat Is Currently up to date and is living well, We have newer Hard Drives including that it is stored over a 500GB HDD with another 250GB HDD, and a 20GB HDD.

    We wish we could pull our old Unity project back from the dead, so that you guy's could play our demo we had rolled out to the show case on April 16th of 2010. We wanted to show you guy's what us as high school students could do to show what skill we had that we were honing in on, for our future career.

    Delve. Was a name when we came up with the idea from a future scify shooter, as we looked on and came about Delve, and looked up its definition. We acceptted it, and loved it. We did not know if there was other games called Delve as we were in the process of biulding it, and kept it.

    After graduation sadly, the majority of our team has now moved on and away off to college. But still have contact with them. They were the best that Delve could possibly ever have for as team members, and we wish to see them again in the near future.

    All the members who were on the team before college:

    Geoff Hall
    James West
    Isaac Herrell
    Chris Ball

    We hope you guies had a greate time as Jonathan and I did, working with you, and working on this project to accomplish the goal we had our eyes glued too lol, (Notice i spelled "Guy's" with "Guies") *inside joke*

    We also hope you enjoyed how much Delve has also changed and how long it has survived with your support from the begining and now the hushed casket is finaily sealed. We thank you.
    ________________________________________*_________ ____________

    Delve took us along way back and has set a stepping ground for us, to set our goals even Higher than ever expected. It has boosted our career status thus skills. Its almost Delve's First Year and we want to celibrate it with everyone.

    As soon as the Beta 2.0 Releases We will have our own server running, and have everyone be able to play Online through the Delve Online servers. There still will be the LAN network as well.

    Delve: Future Combat will contain the Following maps that are current;

    3 Original Maps:
    China Mountains

    6 Parody Maps:
    3 are explined in the video:


    When the Beta 1.5 releases to the Winners that we will draw from our members list on the website, will get the chance to test out the 6 maps given before the full list is updated in 2.0 as a total of 9 maps.

    In 1.5 testers, you will only have LAN support, our servers wont be available at this time intill 2.0 is released.

    We would like to thank the UDK community for the greatest engine provided to us. (soon to be, looking for web hosting or people to help me setup a new webpage.)

    Sweet videos man. For some reason I love watching vid documents.
    The old game looked really interesting for a few guys to be fiddling with.
    I wish you best of luck.


      Great making-of video! I love watching different teams' creative processes. Good luck with the project!