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Kill 'Em All - Western Sidescroller

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    Kill 'Em All - Western Sidescroller

    Hey guys, let me introduce my project: we are a group of 7 Brazilian developers that want to show some good work and learn more about ourselves and what we can do. If during the process we can get a game with quality out there even better.

    Developer: Lazy Out Laws (independent)
    Genre: Sidescroller, Shooter, Arcade
    Release: Q1 2011
    Platform: PC
    Distribution: No publisher yet


    Be sure to check the news for some background

    Blog (sorry folks, it's in portuguese):

    Cool! It is a bit short on information as to what you will be doing in the game. When i read "Sidescrolling" I imagined some sort of singleplayer, but i noticed the "Match has begun!" and that leads me to think its Multiplayer? Or just left over stuff from UDK that you havnt removed yet? Could you write a little bit about what your intentions are? I read something about game mechanics in the news post on your site regarding aiming with mouse, move with keyboard. Makes me thing of classic Bungie game Abuse, which I loved.

    I am going to crit the art, cuz thats all I really can do.
    -I feel you should go for a wider range of colours within the environment. As its a western game, it takes place in a deserty, dry landscape, so I think it would be to benefical to have the man made objects have more colour, like painted wood on your houses, and maybe push for a bit more green vegetation. At the moment, everything shares a very simillar palete and nothing really pops.
    - I suggest that you make the sky all out blue, just to differenciate it from the ground and change the lighting accordingly to get some cold shadows in the environment.
    - I think you should study western architecture a bit more. The houses shown in the screenshot is are very boxy and the architecture of the time is quite interesting and has alot of really cool shapes that you can play around with.

    Bookmarked this thread, because western environments intrigue me. Good start, keep it up!


      POST more images like this:

      And people will get excited. Links are a waste of time that draw no attention to your thread. These are the official epic games forums. Give us your best, because we are shallow!

      I agree with Drevlin. This project needs a color palette in it's style guide. This is UDK, there's no excuse for a game not being everything it can be.

      Also, pull your camera down where we can see the characters. Don't be afraid to setup lights JUST so the characters look nice as they move dynamically through the environment. And type "ToggleHUD" in the console before you take a video next time.

      The video you did not directly link here

      which is awesome. Will excite people more than your post.

      You guys are doing great, don't stop, but remember, presentation is the most important thing to get people to check out what you're doing.


        Cool vid, thanks for posting it MaxPower.


          I actually avoid this video on purpose. It was a short demo made in 5 days, we threw that away and started from scratch so I didn't want to confuse people regarding the gameplay we're going to do (because it will be wildly different).


            So please do elaborate a bit on the gameplay?
            What differs from the video, for example? Or is it too early to talk about?


              In the video (and in classic sidescrollers) you can only aim vertically and mobs all spawn in the same direction you walk in. In our game, you'll be able to aim towards the scenario and mobs will spawn everywhere (rooftops, windows, doors). To some extent Shadow Complex did it, but it wasnt part of their core gameplay. He's a small video I made of basic AI, camera, mouse and movement we are expecting to deliver: