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    Drevlin, usually using both is better indeed, I'm not using lightmaps at all because in the few tests I did the difference wasn't noticeable, because my environment is very dark (night time with just torch lights a dirty walls). Also, because all the small objects are dynamic so, only the main building would use the lightmaps.
    For now a skylight is doing the job of bounced light fine... for now.

    As for performance... there are 5 moveable point lights with 512 shadow resolution. It is running well above 40fps. I have not run into any performance issues so there is nothing really to tell.
    I am being careful with the number of textures though, instead of many small texture maps I am using big generic ones that are shared by many objects.


      Better quality video.

      Also, physics testing fun at the end and parallax mapping on floor and walls.

      I'll probably not use physics, at least not in everything. It's nice but it completely breaks the atmosphere.


        You have to clean up on the second floor, big mess
        Other than that... Itz nize!


          Nice video! Looking forward to see what comes along with gameplay.


            i like your work .. often try this but i am not soo good at udk

            but the castle need a little bit more color I think

            a red flag .. green moos or dirt .. shiny metal