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    WIP Project

    hello folks, how are you?

    this is my new project (unnamed yet), to learn a bit about UDK, on this time I'll do it seriously.

    so, this is a main character (unnamed too), i'm doing it by parts and creating an ID for him while I'm working on the modeling.

    basicly, he is an creature, and the features will be:

    - gas mask: because the environment where him stay, will be completly toxic.
    - an utilities belt, for support 3 granades and the gun.
    - a flame-thrower (the name is right?)
    - In the back, a support to the gás of the flame-thrower and, of course, a oxigen gallon to breathe.

    I'm thinking in others equipaments and enemys to the Game.

    well, right now, i show you the first images of the creating.

    Biped for proportions

    blocking (after i'll export do ZBrush and sculpt it)

    I hope you like it!
    tks a lot.

    Looking good so far


      Kelt'ar: tks buddy.

      So, one more update, I done the blocking of the Legs/Foot.


        nice start, flamethrowers will always be super appealing hah


          Looks good. can't wait to see it.


            hey guys,

            i finished the base mesh of my character

            I'll export this mesh to Zbrush and sculpt it. adjust the proportions and add details...

            see ya!