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UT3OSC: Music in Virtual Worlds

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    UT3OSC: Music in Virtual Worlds

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to post some links for a UDK-based musical performance environment currently under development.


    UT3OSC is a modded UDK project currently based on UTGame which incorporates an Open Sound Control implementation (OSCPack by Ross Bencina) bound to UnrealScript via DLLBind. In this way, messages like client and projectile positioning, InterpActor motions, etc. from the game engine are sent formatted as OSC messages over UDP to OSC-capable multi-channel sound engines written in a variety of computer-music languages (SuperCollider, ChucK, Max/MSP, PD) and used to control complex sound and music generation code. Similarly, messages from the sound engines (i.e. measuring microphone amplitude or a musical note's frequency) or external controller data (i.e. iPad or Wiimote) can be sent back into UnrealScript via a thread running in the DLL, and used to control a variety of UDK params (system gravity, game speed, projectile homing target location).

    The project is similar in direction to q3osc ( a mod of the ioquake3 engine I built with the same goals in mind, namely the creation of a multi-player dynamic musical environment for performance and composition.

    I just wanted to introduce the project and look forward to any suggestions and any collaborations possible. I'll be posting a number of questions around these forums, hoping to augment my weak UnrealScript chops with this community's brain-power.



    Sound pretty cool, I must admit though I have no idea what I could do with those features. (although in game voicechat comes to mind)