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UDK Day Night Cycle Test Map DOWNLOAD v56

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    Thanks, and its cool, my English is the same...

    In older map versions, it's just a lens flare entity that can be found in the content browser, or copied from an other default UDK map.

    I used my own lens flare settings and textures.

    The lens flare entity is placed inside/near the sun mesh.

    The sun is a physical spherical mesh, that has a animated trajectory done within the Matinee. The lens flare can simply have the same animation (same key-frames/coordinates) to retrace the sun's trajectory. Or you can use a setting in the Kismet that attaches the lens flare entity to the already animated sun mesh. So the lens flare travels with the sun mesh automatically.

    In the latest UDK they made the sun be a part of the skybox material, it's a material script that places the sun 2D shape on the skybox depending on the angle of the actual "dominating directional light normal/toggleable" and i think, that if you put the lens flare entity near the 2D sun, near the inner surface of the skybox, and then attach it to the light source which supposed to be in the center of the skybox sphere mesh, then it will rotate along with the light source, while the light source will serve as it's rotation pivot. Also the 2D sun in the skies will match it's position because it's already synchronized with the light source angle anyway.
    But i didn't try that out.

    Hope it helps...


      Thanks Ivan!!! I´ll try that!!!!


        That's what I've been working on lately for my Survival SF in UDK.
        I am using the June version and I have made the sandbox map look pretty.
        The colors need a lot of work, Yours look way better
        For the movement of the sun I did something kinky (I am a programmer):
        Used the sky system from 3dMax set it to the geoloacation and date wanted and took the light rotations for the 24 hours of the day = 24s matinee seq.
        Than put the Sunset,Sunrise, dawn, dusk event and tried to get the correct colors form the day/night example map given by epic in the UDK.
        It looks nice except for the night.
        I will look at your map for inspiration



          But the june map version i made just now, does not have dynamic night day working yet. I only tried to revive the grass + movement at the moment.


            Hey you guys did Hollow Moon, I loved that. Great job with this cycle, it looks amazing.


              Thanks Rachel! ****, it's been a long time, Hollow Moon was fun to make and still plan to complete but on a different level, and i still remember the old "Spatial Fear" days, and the amazing map you made for us It's nice hearing from you.


                You worked on Spatial Fear too? Wow it has been a long time. Looking forward to seeing whatever project you're using this day/night cycle for.


                  Yes, i was the ******* who sabotaged your "Jeal's Dream" map changing all the textures and models to SF custom ones, which damaged the original beauty of your design so I'm sorry again.

                  The Day/Night map - it would become one of Epic's future Epic titles if they ever notice my job application and hire me . I'd bring some of the mess in my head into their studios... Muhahahah... But until it happens, work work work...


                    I tried using custom-lit particle clouds, but got an issue where each particle system is individually lit, creating stripes and weird patterns when placed next to each other. I also got a lot of snapping and particle jumping. Do you happen to know if there's a way around this?

                    this is what it looks like: