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    Spells & Casting and Stuff

    Random few weeks worth of work and slacking in the UDK

    characters, spellcasting, guns and shineyness
    nothing groundbreaking here, just seeing what i can get away with
    will update this project as i go along with it, if i do go along with it that is.

    For Referance im using Hexen 2 (casting), Oblivion (gameplay/weapons/environs), Quake 2 (gameplay/environs)


    Video Links* will keep this post updated whenever i do something new, as well as postin a comment to keep the thread from gettin lost.

    Updated 3/1/2011

    Newest Videos:

    Better Scaleform HUD, finished implementing the casting/regen/camera system:
    wnimations leave somthing to be desired though

    First Update in a while (since i started University):
    Working custom camera, still plenty of bugs to work out but at least the cam works, the mesh is buggy due to it using the default anim set atm. (26/12/2010)

    Nice Reflective Water: (15/9/2010)

    Character walk cycle and animation tests: (19/09/2010)

    Legacy Vids:
    Early start on a working scaleform hud:
    doesnt look like much but its a start lol

    Casting Tests:

    Carryable Torch Fire: (28/7/2010)

    Bows Early Testing: (30/7/2010)

    Skel Mesh Chains - now working: (8/8/2010)

    Small section of a dungeon with some random weapon testing and particle fire testing etc. (15/8/2010)
    (quality is not fantastic)

    This is part of an ongoing solo-project so ill keep it updated as/when i have somthing worthwhile

    this stuff you have going on is pretty awesome, i really think you should proceed with it


      Pretty sweet stuff. Looking forward to seeing more.


        Update -

        fire/torch. barely working and took longer than it should've, but it does work


          remind me of Oblivion, great work !!!


            Hexen Hexen


              another daily update.

              Bow with arrows that sticks into a surface
              buggy, but progress ftw


              **also, first post updated to contain videos so far


                nice additions, whats making it buggy again?


                  er, well the bow has no hand animations, is too far over on the Y axis and id forgotten to change the projectile lifetime to more than 5 seconds (so the arrows dissapear pretty quick). also its got no custom crosshair yet, the firing anim plays twice on altfire and er, its just generally buggy :P


                    Updated First post to include more videos (8/8/2010)

                    will keep updated when i have somthing worthwhile


                      updated first post with new video 15/8/2010 and made some changes to the descriptions

                      *whats new*

                      *nicer particle fire
                      *Partially working melee sword
                      *new zombie animtree/animations (based on oblivion zombie for movement referance)
                      *partially done dungeon environment
                      *Doors opening on keypress system implemented in preperation for implementation of Lockpicking minigame (when i can figure out how to get SWF games toplay properly)(screen goes blue on keypress for debugging purposes)


                        Updated 16/09/2010

                        not done much work on this project lately since ive been preparing for University and Playing far too much Starcraft 2 (yes i have finished it!) and building a new rig since my last one met its demise at the hands of an open window, a storm and the side off the case...

                        Video for a new Water Shader added to the first post. More updates will follow in the next week or so when I have time


                          Updated 19/09/2010

                          Last update before i start University for this year, with any luck ill pick up some new tricks but ill keep up with this project and hopefully have a working tech-demo by christmas.
                          Video added to 1st post - Walk Cycle and character animation test


                            First Update in a while (since i started University)

                            Update 26/12/2010

                            working custom camera, still plenty of bugs to work out but at least the cam works
                            the mesh is buggy due to it using the default anim set atm.


                              Update 28/12/2010
                              early start on a working scaleform hud.


                              doesnt look like much but its a start lol