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    I'm curious, what was the controversy behind the gun?


      I love the chaos style of gameplay, Pretty sweet for an Alpha demonstration.


        Originally posted by GridlockShock View Post
        Here is an Updated version of the demo.

        I recommend you play this one instead.



        I'm downloading the demo now, but from what I saw in the video I already like it. I really dig the camera work and the various elements that are happening in the background; it gives it a bigger feeling which leads it away from being linear (Not saying it is since I haven't played it yet, but just saying). But overall you got something really nice on your hands, and it does look similar in style to Killzone, but that is not a bad thing.


          You know what ?

          I LOVE YOU.

          And i'm really impressed by your post-processing work.
          I'm also driving my project alone and the amount of work you did amazes me.


            i gotta give you credit, after the remade version is compared to how it was before, i can honestly say its alot better than before. the only thing i would change is the flashes, they still feel a little bit of an issue as before, i'd tone that down a small bit but otherwise very very good job


              Looking good, will try it now.
              Make the whole thing chaotic and dramatic(sad). That mix goes great into Terminator(1,2) concept.


                Sweet, man, gotta play that when it drops.


                  Not gunna lie, I thought this was fake. I honestly thought that you had taken a cinematic from some other terminator thing and put your name on it. And then I noticed it was gameplay, and that you had a moddb, and a demo link.
                  That title really deceived me. I know I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but that logo looks very amateurish and turned me off right away. But your attention to detail and style is incredible. Kudos.

                  You did this all yourself?


                    i played your demo just a few minutes

                    very very impressive , really great job !!!!!!!

                    good luck .


                      hey bro

                      I must say man this is some very great work has a good feel to it im new to udk and hope to create something as great as this awsome bro


                        wow, this looks really good! :-o

                        Any concerns about copyrights issues?