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    Hey, I just saw this made news on Kotaku. Congrats! Get ready for some downloads.


      Screens and video look great, however for some reason this thing runs, or to say more exactly, crawls bad on my PC. Not sure what is the reason, but in the menu FPS is somwhere below 10 fps, the game itself is a frame per second. Changing resolution and doing some tweaks in UDKEngine.ini did not help

      System is Q6600, 8GB RAM, 8800GTX (257.21) running Win 7 Ultimate. I haven't seen anything UE3 have this performance problem.


        I must admit the screenshots are much better than the game itself!

        The weapons look great, the animations of the walk cycles are okay but need work.

        The game design is poor as we have no idea what we are doing and its near impossible to defeat the Terminators.

        If you press escape twice you gain the UT HUD and it says "player has joined red, player has joined blue".

        The idea of using Terminator maybe a bad one and you will not be able to sell this project (which is a major negative on your part considering the progress made).

        To end on a good note, the sound and atmospherics of the map are very good.


          Saw the vid! Holy $#!+ !


            I showed the video to a guy at work and he had some interesting crits. I realize that its hard to give somebody elses crit but as I agree with him, just hold me responsible:

            There is too much going on on screen, too much stuff flying about and just general chaos that makes it hard to find any focus.

            Every section in the video looks kind of the same, environment wise. I think you need to add some feeling of progression, maybe mix up the lighting a little bit the further along you are in the game.

            I am just judging from the video (Was gonna play last night but i didnt. You can blame BlackCatGames and Valve for that...)

            Grats on making kotaku.


              Impressive for a proof-of-concept version.
              The gameplay and design need alot of work. Pretty much everything what Drevlin posted should be a good starting point.

              Using the terminator property is good for inital press, but as many people already said, it's better using your own ip. I know how hard it is to come up with all the names etc. and laying the groundwork. But judging by how many effort has already been put into this, it seems worth trying.

              But if you consider this fanart or just want a project for your resume, that's fine as long as you don't get any issues with the owners of the Terminator property.


                duuuuuude Cliff tweeted about ur mod. ur soo in lol


                PS: i sooo thought of ur gears mod just before u posted this which i found funny and wierd lol


                  Woah how strange. This got shown on and it got ALOT of attention. Needless to say it was obviously compared to Killzone 2 :P.

                  Keep up the good work


                    I didnt play it (Dont have a powerful computer) but too much flashing lights, too much I thought I was about to have a seizure so tone that down another thing it looks way too shakey, cant you see? You body is moving all over the place!!

                    It looks cool, thats all I can say and about the trademark posts, only thing you have to change is the name....The models and stuff can stay because YOU made them (unless you ripped them from another Terminators game)!


                      Its looks pretty good.But theres many issues with it as many have already posted..Your on the right track though.Keep up the good work.


                        If I may say something, I think you need to tone down how much the recoil there is when you ADS. Generally people ADS to be more accurate, but in this game it seems like there is no change between firing from the hip and using the sight.


                          Amazing job with 1 person, keep on GridlockShock


                            Alright so I'll be the critical sour-puss, don't take it the wrong way, it's very cool, but I'm mostly seeing uncritical praise by people who haven't actually downloaded it (srsly?)...

                            First off the good:
                            - Your weapon and weapon animations = very good.
                            - Some of the props are really quite well done (though some are pretty rough, it's a mixed bag).
                            - The cinematic intro is fun and largely well done, minus small stuff like the camera panning down to a pure black portion of the helicopter.

                            The not-so-good:
                            - Everyone's mentioned it, the FOV. It's like playing a game in Zoom mode.
                            - As mentioned, it's frankly somewhat random. Random bangs, random flashes, no idea whats supposed to be going on, what I'm supposed to do. Zero structure, so it ends up being a series of random flashes and noises before dying.
                            - Due to the above, you really have no idea wtf is going on or what's actually on screen since it's a zoomed in laser boom-boom fest.
                            - The gun has no sense of whether it's really hitting anything or causing damage.
                            - Obviously its an alpha, so there's a ton of rough things (which is fine, it's alpha) such as: udk HUD overwritting your own HUD/crosshairs when hitting ESC, weird texture/shader issues (there's a patch of ground I think that's meant to be reflective but ends up looking like a big 'ol glitchy area), some of the terrain is amazingly low poly/sharp, etc.

                            As I said, don't take it the wrong way, it's really quite good but it really needs: 1) some structure, a clear indication of what's going on and what the player is supposed to do and 2) lower FOV so we can see wtf is going on and 3) reduce the visual seizure inducing onslaught - I love me some bang bang, but that's like a fireworks display with low FOV; not good. All that being said, it's an alpha, you're just one man, and given all of that = very, very cool! Congrats on actually putting something out there, that's more than most of us have done


                              I grabbed the demo as soon as I saw it up on Kotaku. Great stuff!

                              Since it's pre-alpha, I don't think there's anything to criticize since I'm sure you can tell for yourself what needs work, lol. Graphics are incredible, and the grittiness is phenomenal. Definitely will keep an eye out on both the forum and ModDB.


                              LogicTree Studios


                                Here is an Updated version of the demo.

                                I recommend you play this one instead.