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    FPS Terminator

    Hello. It's been a very long time since I've showed anything off on this forum. but I'm happy to share with you guys some progress on a fan made terminator game I'm working on. Originally, it was a mod for gears of war (pc) but now it's being made with the unreal development kit. I've been very kind to share a playable alpha demo with the moddb community.

    Download the Alphav1.0.1 Demo Here: Link

    and the ReadMe pack Here: Link

    Here is some video footage for the Alphav1.0.1 demo: Link

    I usually update all my progress on Moddb. so if you want to see the latest of the project, be sure to visit

    Most of the content, such as the models, animations, textures, maps, and scripts has been developed mostly by me personally. but some of the enviornment assets are ones from the UTgame packaged with UDK.

    All the custom audio effects are done by UK sound designer Ben Sterry and I gotta let you know that i'm very thankful to have him help me. The game will have original score by UK composer Thom Maggs, another very enthusiastic piece of talent standing on two legs. All three of us are part of a group called Original Studios.

    I'll have some media on the next post.

    EDIT: Please checkout the updated demo "Alpha v1.0.1" many fixes have been made.

    Media (Concept Art)

    here is some concept art

    All these are various locals that the game's 6hour campaign will take you through. most of it tries to be reminiscent to the canon created by James Cameron, but other will be something that hasn't been seen in the world of Terminator.


      Media (Models)

      here are some untextured, models.

      All were created using 3D Studio Max.


        Media (In-Game Screenshots)

        here are some screenshots.


          I've got no words for this. Brilliant.


            Really cool, man!
            I worked on the Terminator: Salvation game (dont hate me, i was just an artist!) and I can tell you that one of the biggest flaws in that game that fans picked up on, in terms of it being terminator, was that it was way too action oriented and it didnt take that much firepower to actually take a terminator down.
            Are you trying to capture the same atmosphere as in the first two movies or is it more action all out gun-ho?

            Anyway, liked the footage. The effects needs some work but all in all it looks pretty sweet. Keep it up!


              This looks very nice, I love the chaotic feeling of the movie.
              What I can think of as points of improvement are the hands, lower legs and feet of the terminator. The arms and legs would benefit from being a bit bigger, also having the "fingers" of the feet attached so high from the ground looks odd. The lower legs look a little bit plain.
              Also the balls of fire raining from the sky could use a bit more of an inpact on the ground, it's a bit of an anticlimax right now.
              That's pretty much all I can think about however, it looks very nice!


                So I downloaded and played the game and here's some of my feedback;

                * The low FOV really gave me some knee jerk reactions. It feels like watching through a tiny tube, like a horse with blinders.
                * At some points I was insta-killed from something I couldn't understand what it was. At other points I could go in hells blazing and it didn't feel like I was affected by the bots.
                * Pressing Esc and then resuming the game during the introduction scene will show the default UDK HUD.

                I feel it has very high quality for being made by one person and being an alpha release. Really great job and I'm looking forward to updates.


                  I haven't played it yet, but by watching the demo movie I can just say... FU*KING AWESOME SH*T YOU GOT THERE!! Is this really by one person?

                  One anoying thing was the low FOV. Felt really wierd to watch.


                    Originally posted by GridlockShock View Post
                    here are some screenshots.

                    Hmm... kinda reminds me of a certain ps3 game...

                    Looks awesome though, downloading now


                      This is absolutely phenomenal. The action looks very fast paced, the graphics are astounding, and I'm loving the Modern Warfare/Killzone 2 feel of it.

                      Very well done. I'm downloading now!


                        I think it looks super cool, and I support you,

                        BUT, Columbia Pictures might have something different to say. So get ready to rebuild those models and change the name.


                          Downloaded and played a few times. Overall, it is really well done. Aside from what others have mentioned regarding the FOV and all that, you have something really good going on here.

                          I would also like to reiterate MaxPower's point about using copyrighted properties within a game made with UDK. Using UDK, as far as I know, completely changes the way things work from if you were using Gears or UT3. It is no longer a mod, it is a (potentially) commercial release. That would require you to have the license to use the Terminator name and any characters/weapons/vehicles/sounds from those movies.

                          It doesn't matter if you call it a mod or not, it is not a mod.


                            Originally posted by Max Power View Post
                            I think it looks super cool, and I support you,

                            BUT, Columbia Pictures might have something different to say. So get ready to rebuild those models and change the name.
                            Think of this as just a really ambitious fan-art


                              I've been following this since it was a mod for GoW, and I'm so glad you've brought it over to UDK. Such a logical choice and it's brought with it so many rewards. Can't wait to see this finished.