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Delve Future Combat

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    Delve Future Combat

    I have Finaly released the Delve Future Combat - Multiplayer Beta.

    You can access it here at

    There is a ton of info for the game on the website, and must register in order to access the download page or any other page on the site.

    I would like to thank others and what there opinions were for the game and what it should include.

    There is one thing that I will put in an update is a Ranking system for it, so you can show off your skill to other players online.

    Anything else you would like to see in our game please let me know and I will be willing to decide weather what would be good and could fit it properly.

    Also thanks for the help from the people here from the UDK Forums as well. Couldnt have figured out the online part by myself.

    Delve: Future Combat - [MULTIPLAYER BETA] <-- just means it requires a valid username and pass. or Facebook login.

    Remind me in a few days i was gonna add this to our site
    I don't have time right now to do this but i will add it soon


      Alright im on laptop now, i'll start adding the game news and section to our site now, but i'll be slow lol **** laptop :P

      edit: Section added to site, content pending

      edit2: I'm currently installing the game and will take some screenshots and maybe a video too..