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    mass wars

    the year is 2079 and we are in a war with an alien race known as the Valor. the war started in 2077 and its been three years since the day they came from underground. i lost my family in the war, my father joined after the frist attack. i joined with my friend cole,jon,jen and ket. cole and jon were my friends since school started . i met ket and jen in high school. now we are in the war, fighting the valor. my name is mar and this is my story.

    Day one, we are getting ready for an attack from the valor. i put on my armor and take out my hammerhead. the hammerhead is a powerful gun that has a knife at the front of it.
    i walked up to cole and jon and said, " hi cole, jon. cole said whats up." i said the valor are coming, we need to get ready!" jon said alright i will tell jen and ket. jon went to tell jen and ket that the valors were coming. cole asked did you find you father ye?." i said no man, did you find your girlfriend? cole said no i didnt, i'm going to find her though man whatever it takes i will find her." i said yeah shes my sister." we started to walk towards jon,jen and ket. ket was getting ready and then she grabbed her chainsaw shout gun and sniper rifle. her sniper rifle had a blade attached to it. i said hey ket, how are you? ket said i'm alright mar, whats up with you." i said nothing really, did you find the other team. ket said well no, but i did get this message saying another team needs help." i said alright we need to get ready, they're coming." ket said ok."
    jon yelled the valor are here." i ran to jon you ready?" jon said excitedly yeah!' i statred shooting the valor. boom!! boom!! cole yelled a vinshare is coming"
    vinshares are four legged creatures, which are ten foot tall. they crave for human flesh and they care huge guns on their backs. the vinshares wear masks on top of their heads: that have 15 eyes and there blue, but when you get it mad the eyes will turn red. also they have sharp teeth and claws. their the tanks of thier valor and there the most feared creatures on planet Echo.
    now back to the battle.
    i am shooting the vinshare but it is not working. ken jumps on the vinshare and shoots the valor driving it and she takes control of the massive, pulsating beast and she uses it to kill the other valor. the valor started to retreat. jen then stabbed the vinshare in the head. blood poured out and down as she jumped off of the massive beast and said ok lets go."
    we began to walk. it was hot and dry and i said how long do we have to go." ket said not that far." cole said its getting dark, we should set camp.' i said alright" we set up camp and i had first watch. it wasnt even safe to sleep, so we had to take turns watching for valorsand the other creatures that lived here. nowhere was safe. end of day one