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First Person Platformer - N9KS

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    First Person Platformer - N9KS

    Hey everyone. I've just released a 3 level beta of my game: N9KS.

    N9KS is a platformer in which paths are selected based on audio cues throughout the level.

    You can download the game from IndieDB as well as from my own site:

    The visual style and gameplay is very spartan I know. As a musician learning UDK as I go I have chosen to make a game within my capabilities.

    I have to take this build and redo a bit and include more sounds, branching paths and if I can figure out how, a much better character model.

    I would love some constructive feedback!

    I really like the idea and the feeling in your game, the seethrough-plattforms look really great!
    The only thing which really bothers me is that I accidentally cut about 99% of level 2 by turning around and walking the opposite direction at the start.
    I then started it again and found several more shortcuts.
    I dont know if you made them on purpose, but I think you should prevent people from skipping parts of the actual game.

    I'm looking forward for more!

    And try to post a few screenshots in here, maybe more people will give it a try.


      hay, nice idea, im downloading right now and I'll let you know what I think, good luck


        i downloaded your game and love it. i cant wait for you to do more work on it and i will totally get the final version. excellent job man and keep up the good work. keep me posted!