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    Delve, Going For IT!

    Since the new release of the UDK package and sweet HUD I finaly decided to just release the BETA as is.

    The Voices are changed and recorded by myself, and a extra friend. There will be a credits section located on the website and will be updated by Friday night, 18th around 12 am eastern time zone.

    You can now see HD screen shots of Stockpile, Vacancy, and China Mountians. A bonus map will be released with it as well, since UDK has made it, and I want to implement it into Delve, because of how much rendering process and how much performance Unreal can put out.

    Only 2 wallpapers exist at the moment but, Like I said, the website will be up to date, by the end of the week.

    So please please PLEASE, check out and become a member to get your copy of the Delve Multiplayer BETA when its available.

    Because you can only access the Downloads page if you are a member, and forums. The Soundtrack on the other hand, is back up and running. I am back to making more music, and have one more peice to bring it all together as an Original Theme to the game. Filled with action packed, high suspense, sympathetic moods, to make at least the player to feel into the game, or in anyother game they play.

    This one track will be available to download to the public, for free. Everything else will be to buy. mabey

    So Like I said Please hang tight as were going to Delve into the Multiplayer experience.

    Thank you.

    Delve Team:

    Trevor Potprocky
    Jonathan Biggs
    James West

    Why are you using base UDK assets? Shouldn't you just be creating levels for UT3 then?


      Well one, Im tired of working on it.

      Two, Not really, most of the content in Delve is way different than UT3, except for the weapons and which Im having the most difficult time with,

      Only A few of us are left on the project but dont know a thing about 3ds max and I cant do it all...

      I would love it if someone where to have already made weapons to use in udk.
      Same with the characters.

      Thats the only thing that resembles UT3.

      Because I just want to get this done and over with.


        Looks interesting enough. But a note on your website... NEVER upload raw .bmp files. Your screenshots are all around 5MB in size. If you convert them to jpeg files, then they will probably be less than a tenth of the size, so they will load 10x faster.


          k, got that fixed on the website. Finally decided that this sunday would be a tempt, to release the beta, i figured out the servers FINALLY, its why I havent released the beta last weekend. My server caught on fire, F&%$ you bungie for sending the server flu... but anyways like halo reach, great game...

          I still havent been able to change the weapons, nor the character, so you guy's are going to have to deal with what is in the beta for now, but I do have a story line in progress for the game, and its kinda gona be like a Time Splitters game, where you go to different time periods and years I think its gona be amazing, once its all thought out. But things come and shove their ways into performance and so I Must have to get the beta completed first.

          Ive been recruiting more people and I have 2 new people who are going to create new work for Delve and hopefuly become successful for it.

          The delve website is currently locked in about the multiplayer beta for right now and I dont want things to get mixed up.

          I wont have the site updated till Sunday the 27th of June, So when you navigate to the Download Game page, Yes you have to register but its free, watch the Delve Future Combat LOGO, in the middle of the page on Sunday, because It will change and Once its Does, then that means you can full boar it and Download the game.

          So for people that havent yet seen the website click this address link below

          Thanks for the people who are in intrest for Delve. Well Appreciated.

          Trevor Potprocky