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    Chivalry: Battle for Agatha

    Team Chivalry is proud to announce their next project: Chivalry: Battle for Agatha

    Chivalry, an upcoming title created using the UDK, is the next step in first person medieval combat. Team Chivalry is building upon their successful and unique take on deep and responsive melee combat system to deliver an experience that goes beyond their previous title, Age of Chivalry. Experience the lush countryside of Agatha like never before and take part in a new war that pits Agathian Knights once more against the Mason Order.

    More weapons. A more fluid movement system. Character customization. These are just a few of the features awaiting you in a bigger, better, graphically enhanced game. Enjoy these screenshots and more over at our new site

    View larger images: Arena | Vanguard | Stoneshill

    A little bit about our previous title – Age of Chivalry

    The initial public release of our previous product, Age of Chivalry, was in late August of 2006; it was a success, and the mod has since undergone several major updates. Age of Chivalry made its first Mod Data Base Mod of The Year awards debut back in 2007 as an Editor’s Choice pick, then got into the Player’s Choice section in 2008; it also became popular enough in 2008 that Valve Software selected it to be one of 5 mods released on Steam, and recently got an honorable mention in the 2009 MOTY award. We intend to build upon our success as a mod team to create a truly wonderful medieval melee experience online.

    Age of Chivalry Cinematic Teaser

    View larger images: Melee Fight | Longbowman | Crossbowmen

    Visit to find out more about our mod!

    About Chivalry: Battle for Agatha

    Chivalry: Battle for Agatha is a first-person medieval online combat game that seeks to deliver the intensity of epic hollywood medieval block busters to the hands of a gamer. Chivalry hurls the player into a fictional yet realistic medieval world where the Agathian Knights are battling against the newly formed Mason Order for control of the lands of Agatha.

    As soon as they join the game, players choose from a selection of several classes, which control the appearance, characteristics and abilities that will be available to them. Classes include Archers, Man-at-arms, Vanguards, Knights and a Support class. Each of these classes will be able to equip a selection of weapons including swords, battle axes, crossbows, longbows, shields and much more.

    As they take to the field, players will clash with an advanced melee combat system that allows full, real-time control of your swings for precision strikes. Dodge, duck, evade, block or parry your enemies strikes to counter with your own and bring him down with a satisfying gush of blood spurting from his neck as his decapitated head rolls from its resting place upon the shoulders.

    Players engage in battle over epic landscapes including besieged castles, city streets, rolling plains, and waterfalls with massive siege engines such as: Catapults, Ballistas, Trebuchets, Battering Rams, Boiling Oil, Mantlets, Siege Towers, Ladders and more. Characters come alive as they gain experience, titles and traits that remind the player of his most epic moments playing the game, allow him to display his trophies to others and push him to improve his skills. This coupled with an advanced unlock system allows true customization and variety on a diverse battlefield that will support up to 48 players simultaneously.

    If you'd like to find out more about Chivalry: Battle for Agatha, please visit:

    Team Chivalry is also searching for experienced and dedicated individuals who would love to be a part of our team. There are currently positions open for a Programmer and an Animator. If you're interested, find out more information in this post:, and then send your application in to

    Artwork - Chivalry: Battle for Agatha

    Click on an image above to view a larger version.

    Why not take a look at our Developer Blog and Media page to view more artwork!

    You can also follow us on:

    Mod Data Base:
    IRC Channel: #chivalry

    Thats awsome matey..Love ya characters...I can see alot of work has been done.
    Congrats too your team for doing a great job on this..Looking foward too updates.


      Simply amazed

      Please keep up with the good work!


        Thanks guys!

        We hope to not dissapoint.



          Oh my God ! I just love this game on Steam Engine, but it will be...
          A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. !!!


            Great work, i wish i could create character models like those.


              o so do you plan on having a morph system like in APB or something of the sort



                Developer Blog Update:
                It has been too long since we have released an update but hopefully from here on we are much better at this. This time you get to enjoy a sneak peek at some of the weapons in your arsenal in Chivalry: Battle for Agatha, a quick concept of the class selection screen and more answers to your questions, so let’s get to it!


                Question: How hard do you think it will be to make a game attractive for “pros” and at the same time make it enjoyable for less good players. I’ve seen a lot of people drop AoC as they were utterly destroyed.

                Answer: This is a big focus for the team this time around. It’s no secret that aoc was a very tough game for new players to enjoy because of the steep learning curve. In Chivalry, we are really emphasising having a deep, engaging melee combat system that is also intuitive and easy to grasp the basics. Of course, incredible players will still be able to carve through the battlefield, but the difference is, this time players will understand why they lost, instead of questioning the game’s mechanics.

                Vanguard and Halberd

                Question: Can we have a strong one handed axe + shield?

                Answer: This loadout is confirmed for the game, yes. In addition, a section of the website will be available soon displaying the entire arsenal of the game with a brief description of the various weapons strengths and weaknesses.

                Flanged Mace and Buckler

                Question: Will there be any kind of magic and supernatural things as actual gameplay elements?

                Answer: No magic/supernatural things will be a part of the central game modes. Chivalry focuses on creating a “Hollywood realistic” medieval times era set in a fictional world.

                Long Sword (******* Sword)

                Question: Will the movement from Age of Chivalry be preserved, i.e. the move speed and spinting/jump-crouching from HL2?

                Answer: Absolutely not. The movement system in aoc essentially had to be exploited for any players to be good at it, it meant that you had to go outside of the intended parameters of the game to be the most successful. Turning on a dime and generally moving about as though wearing rollerblades affected nearly every combat exchange in aoc. This time around, we intend to make the game exhilarating and fun to play because of the melee combat’s pace, we want to make the game fun and full of strategical depth even if you choose not to move your feet in combat at all! Though of course, footwork will still be important, it will not be in the same form as it was in aoc.

                Class Selection Screen Concept

                Additionally, will we be seeing any new movement abilities, such as shoves, climbing, rolls, or anything like that?

                Answer: Yes, we wanted to really expand the combat system and provide the player with many more options to allow for a ton of depth and variety in each fight you find yourself in Chivalry. Players will have the ability to evade incoming strikes by ducking beneath them or dodging in any one of four directions. In addition, players with shields will be able to perform shieldbashes to knock back or “open up” enemy players, this manoeuvre cannot be blocked or parried. Players without shields will be able to perform a “parry shove” with similar actions. There are more expansions to the combat system, but we will keep you waiting on those for now.


                Question: So you will be having multiplayer AI for all stock game modes and maps?

                Answer: It is our desire to include competent AI opponents for multiplayer and offline play.


                The new art direction seems a lot more medieval, no more mason knights with horns on their helmets I take it? I also noticed the new Heraldric Animals for each faction and I think the world seems more believable now with a stronger connection to the medieval theme! It really gives of a different vibe.

                Answer: Yes, the line between good and evil will be blurred in Chivalry, the two factions retain their basic values with the Mason Order being an intimidating force that rules with fear and the Agathian Knights being a more inspiring force that rules with promises of riches and glory, but there will be dirt and blood on both teams hands. The lore will be expanded upon to help describe that situation better. As a result we felt we needed to find a new more realistic yet still unique look for the Mason Order and we decided to incorporate some eastern European art style into their appearance that is apparent in some of our concept art.

                Broadsword and Buckler

                Development on the game is going well and the team as never been more committed to the project, we’d love to hear more questions from you and will be reopening the FAQ thread to start building up more questions and responses for the next article. Till next time,

                Happy slaying!

                - Team Chivalry


                  Two Classic Battlefields Revealed

                  Two Classic Battlefields Revealed

                  The Agathian and Mason forces march for war, a war that shall tear these lands apart. Your first glimpse of the lands upon which your blood shall be spilt has arrived. Mark these battlefields well soldier, for they may very well become the site of your grave. Perhaps, if you are vigilant enough, if you are skilled enough, if you have what it takes to be a true solider, perhaps then, these battlefields will be where you make your glory.

                  You must choose which side you shall march for, each man must make this choice and your choice may very well decide the fate of the war itself. It may be that your blade is the one to deliver the final blow to the enemy force, bringing them to their knees and establishing your faction's dominance of the lands. Or perhaps you shall be only another causality, a crumpled corpse forgotten amongst the piles of other dead men whose dreams were no less ambitious than your own.

                  Yet in the end, it's not important whether you live or die. For if you do find the world growing cold around you as the last of your strength fades from your body, you will know that you have died as a man. And any true man knows that death on the battlefield is the truest path to glory. And that soldier, is why we say, "TODAY, IS A GOOD DAY TO DIE!"

                  Battlegrounds - Environment ALPHA STATE WIP

                  Stoneshill - Environment ALPHA STATE WIP


                  Let us know what you'd like to see next on our forums and we'll see what we can do!

                  You can also follow us on:

                  Our Website:
                  Mod Data Base:


                    they look awesome great leveldesign! maybe a little bit dark with the Ambient occlusion but anyway it fits to the "Dark Ages"...


                      I don't think the heavy AO fits the scenes. Looks unnatural.


                        Great work, the courtyard looks amazing.


                          IT'S AMAZING

                          Very nice job guys ,, Keep up and Good luck ^^


                            Originally posted by Xendance View Post
                            I don't think the heavy AO fits the scenes. Looks unnatural.
                            Why ? It looks great !!

                            I'm a big fan of AoC at Steam and I cant wait for Unreal version !

                            May I add some of my ideas ? I think you should to create some big maps like aoc_battleground and to enable HORSES ! It will be amazing to fight and shoot from these animals and to ride it !


                              Wow there's a lot of work behind this projet ! I can also see that you begin to generate buzz through your social networks. Do you have a release date on steam ?