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Phasmatis - Need some help (WIP)

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  • Phasmatis - Need some help (WIP)

    Any competent computer owner knows to be sketchy about downloading files, and there's little I can do to convince you all otherwise, especially on a forum where everyone has an alias. But as far as my name is worth I can guarantee this is ONLY a scene document.

    I don't expect you to go modifying your UDK files to make everything work, so a lot of things in here won't. But that shouldn't have much of an impact on making the game run smoothly.

    I am suffering some MAJOR fps roadblocks that I need help surmounting. I did all sorts of things to modify my lighting but everything I tried to improve performance instead made it worse. My time is running out, and I have no idea what else I can do.

    So I've come here to plead for assistance.

    For anyone kind and trusting enough to take a look and give me some help, I sincerity appreciate it. Any help with my other lighting issues would also be greatly appreciated.

    Yes, it looks primitive compared to some of the stuff you other guys have produced, but I'm still a floundering novice here.

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    I know nothing about your problems but i sure hope you get some help, sorry man !


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      I appreciate the sentimentality, man.