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Nameless Project: Ep1 Phalanx

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  • Nameless Project: Ep1 Phalanx

    Hey ho, I wanted to announce the game project I started.

    At first: I'm a writer + a hobby digital artist.

    This project is nothing big, the game itself will "just" have a total amount of maybe 5-15minutes. Maybe more.. maybe less.
    It will be fully story driven and be more like a interactive movie as a game.
    I planned to make it third-person but like I usually work I will get other things into it too.
    This game will be a Episode of the alternative world I create.
    About who I'm going to tell you bit for bit.

    Right now I'm defining the background story, for which I'm writing a paralell story which is discribing the world through the eyes of a detective who knows the slums, the good people and so on.
    Everything is starting in the January of year 2045(no special reason why 2045.. where are reason why not 2100 or earlier then 2045.)

    Also the story of the game character(which is not a detective or has something to do with him), for which I'm right now writing the story + creating the storyboard through using many references of sitcoms, movies.(In german not in english.. you maybe see the reason why. )

    For now I will summarize some parts of the world which will push you in the right direction and show you how the world works in which the characters are going to live.
    I'm the author of the world..

    -It's year 2045, no flying cars or extremly huge advantages in air/spacecraft.
    Because of the fall off of oil in year 2029 science have developed a fusion + hydrogen engine and because of that cars and so on had to be reinvented.
    -Countrys have been bought or conquered by company corporations. Although where are no politicians who are in the government they are trying hard of keeping the human-rights and other stuff.

    -Implants had a ground-breaking outcome. Where are now several implants for foot,legs,arms,bodys and so on which are driven by new core thanks to the fusion/hydrogen development. The implants have usually several layers of iron to achieve a high durability but with low wheight.

    -Because of that many gangmembers started to tune their implants to achieve stronger legs for running away from the police, or more strength to kill them.
    The first ones were called "Cybernetic Strangers" and this is the reason for their nickname as "CyS" plural "CySe".

    -This is the police countering with the "Cerberus Division"(usualy no tuned implants) who are using high-quality weapons, exo-skeletons and EMP-Bombs to deal with Cyse.

    They are called "Cerbs" by the Cyse. The company-corporation of the formely known USA/and parts of Canada/Mexico have allowed brain-wash to let high-skilled Cyse fight against there own.

    -The world got much more big-cities.
    Although where are very dangerous people out where it's like in the present. You can live you whole life without getting killed by them.. but you also could get killed they first day you go out.
    The people never changed.. the world just in appearance. It's stays a cruel world.

    I appreciate any feedback. Things that are not clear and so on.
    You may say "boooring just written stuff nothing to see".. well that is the case. I'm working on the weapon system(which are only 2 weapons. ) and some other stuff in the game. So I don't have something to show right.
    Anyway If you like what you red I will update you every week or two about the progress.. some character-concepts, screenshots and so on.
    It would ruin the release(which will cost nothing) where you all would play it.. because of the reason it is story driven and short.

    see ya