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    My UDK project

    I began learning the UDK about mid december of 2009, and around that time, my class started they're 8th grade grad projects (our middle school class is a mix of 7th and 8th graders) the purpose of the project is to show that you're ready for highschool, because you can't get in to our school's highschool without a recommendation from our teachers. well, I've always wanted to create a game, UDK seemed to come naturally to me, the documentation was easy to get to, no one had ever done something anything like it for a grad project in the past, so the Idea was original, and I decided that this would be a great thing to do, especially since I would love to get into the industry.
    and so I spent the last few months trying to block out a level, and create enjoyable gameplay. when the project started, I had already acknowledged that I was no programmer, and that using the unreal bots would be out of the question, so I decided to do puzzles. I wasn't going for good graphics, just good design. but I reached a two month stalemate trying to think up engaging puzzles, and trying to figure out how to fill up an area which I had made way too big, and whilst harping over the visuals (which I'd told myself I wouldn't do). so, last week I realized that it was time to step back, and reevaluate. My map of epic proportions was beyond my experience, what with only two puzzles designed. so I shrunk it down, and I came with something more manageable, and graphics oriented, because that's what I understand I thats what I want to learn. since I am now armed with knowledge gained from my failure, I shall spend the next 3 weeks of my free time finishing a smaller environment more graphics oriented (with my two puzzles implemented of course.)


    I'm going to add a lake, a small shrine/grave type object, my puzzles, some pines, grass, a matte paint, and some other doodads
    to complement my final work, I'll have a time lapse video of asset creation, a small destructible room which my classmates can shoot up after my presentation. I'll be ensure that the horizon dose not remain as boring as it is (mountains maybe)

    critiques are more than welcome

    more screens to come

    Looks good so far I like your sky - i never got the hang of Sky Domes