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Puzzle game WIP (crits needed)

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    Puzzle game WIP (crits needed)

    Hey guys;

    For my dissertation I'm studying puzzle design in action/adventure games, specifically 'movement puzzles' a'la Portal, Prince of Persia ...etc. As part of this project I've been developing a small demo game in UDK based on the 2d flash game 'Shift' to demonstrate the concepts from my research. Its now at a point where I could really use some feedback (lets call it an alpha test :P), and should only take 4/5 minutes to complete as this is only the first 4 'tutorial' levels, haven't finished designing the final big puzzle yet.

    All the textures, models, sounds ..etc are placeholders right now, so looks wise it isn't great - what I need criticisms on is the gameplay / puzzle concept. i.e:

    does the concept make sense?
    does the menu convey the concept well?
    anywhere in the game that you feel the objective / menthodology isn't clear enough ...etc?
    does the entire concept suck and I should restart from square 1? :P

    or absolutely anything else you find in the game I should know

    Please be as honest and brutal as possible, I'm prepared for a grilling .

    Here is the installer:

    and here is the game its based on:

    Thank you loads anyone who tests this, I really need the feedback (judging how good a puzzle is when you designed it yourself is really hard as you know exactly what to do).

    known bugs:

    - when you look straight down the camera flips 180*. No idea how to fix this so if anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear em :P
    - sometimes the crates on level 4 get stuck, this is a problem with the player leaving the trigger and re-enterring inside of a tick, so it only registers the leaving not the re-entering (I think). Moving a short distance away from the crate and back will get it moving again.


    left click: shift/invert
    space: jump
    r: reset level

    file is unavailable ?


      After playing the fl;ash game too Im really interested to see how youve done this "Shifting" in UDK


        The file is still being distributed to their servers I guess, as some people can download it other can't, so hopefully it'll be fully working soon - regardless I'm also currently uploading it to rapidshare as well :P


          The concept is sound and it has a lot of potential, being in a 3d world Id like to see what else can be done with it compared to the Shift version of it. The menu could do with some sprucing up but as a proof of concept its not bad.

          I think there should perhaps be a sign at the beginning of the level to show you what the end aim is... just like in portal, for younger players. but so far the gameplay was self explanatory.


            Downloading right now!


              I like it! Pretty cool so far


                Heh cheers for the feedback so far guys :P


                  Do you actually have a sort of shift system working like in the origional ?


                    How do you mean? Left click / right click shifts you between the 2 'worlds' if that's what ya asking.


                      nice, i will get the chance to play it sometime soon