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Mysterious journeys, learning project.

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    Mysterious journeys, learning project.


    So I've been playing around inside UDK to develop my skills in this beautifull engine, basically I tought it would be fun to do a litle learning project for myself.

    I would really like some C&C even though it is still verry much a WiP. Also bare in mind I am new to the engine so any tips or directions are greatly apreciated.

    The scene:

    The scene takes place in a beautifull tropical forest, we see a small encampment with some equipment and crates. However the camp is abbandoned and the first thing we wonder is "where have they gone?" we get the answer by the second thing that draws our attention. Two evil eyes stare trough the tree's from a nearby cavern. Could this be where the adventurers went?

    Things I still have planned:

    - Add more props to the encampment.
    - More vegetation.
    - Normal maps.
    - Add several particles aswell as some light rays trough the tree's.
    - Improve lighting.
    - Add some post processing and shaders.

    All meshes/geometry and textures done by me with some overlays downloaded from cgtextures.

    Thank you for your time,



    Added more foliage to the scene.



      That looks very pretty! it looks like a book illustration, very nice.


        You're getting some white halo on the edges of your plant leafs. You can fix it by painting the background of the diffuse texture with the same green as your leafs. Or you can shrink the opacity mask few pixels.


          Thanks for the tip, was already wondering what that was


            Good start!
            I can see there are ALOT of polys in the wireframe but it doesnt look that detailed when you look at the actual scene, and further more because alot is still in dark (but i guess that is subject to change as you said you're gonna tweak lighting). Don't know if you're planning on detailing it further and this is just a base pass in preperation for later passes but if its not you could optimize it quite alot. Luckily, unreal engine has no problem handeling ALOT of polys but thats no excuse not to optimize it as much as possible

            Do you have trees and roots as seperate objects? I can see why that would make sense to have a base tree and then lay out roots in different places on each tree to make 'em more unique. If its one object try to make the polys of the roots and trees connect. It's not a big thing and has more to do with further poly optimization than anything else.

            Looking forward to see a more defined lighting pass.
            Keep it up!


              Thanks alot Drevlin, great to get some tips from a 1.000.000 unreal contest winner (love the haunted)

              The wireframe looks cluttered mainly because of the tree's they are far to high poly for the amount of detail they currently have and I will redo them soon. I will keep al of your tips in mind too.


                Great work so far, love the colour, the lighting and especially the mood.