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Leighton Armstrong & The Rapier WIP

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    Leighton Armstrong & The Rapier WIP

    Hi all,

    This is my first attempt at creating a playable environment within the UDK engine.

    The premise is the player arrives in a small Canadian outpost with the only form of transport a cable car to the village where Leighton intends to meet the Rapier.

    A full story description can be found here in my blog:

    This is a final University project so i'm hoping to get into the industry sometime this year...fingers crossed!!!

    my youtube channel can be found here:

    The images to the project can be found here:

    I understand i'm using a few UDK stock meshes but by making this project on my own in 3 months, i've used them as time savers.

    Many thanks for viewing

    Looks good so far mate, keep up the good work.


      Thanks Chris, I appreciate any comments