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    Hello to everyone!
    I just started playing with UDK and this seems the community for me.
    I'm trying to do a remake of Deck16 in some of a commercial/shopping center.
    I'll post here my progress but most of all my questions!
    Here's a starter, i'm sorry for the choppy video, when I record it runs really bad.

    First question:

    The glass breaking. As you can see I did some destructible glass but the problem is that the material is transparent and the glass is already fragmented and it's noticeable. Is there a way to replace a glass object that's not fragmented(a plane) with the destructible glass when the player shoot it? with a trigger or something? Maybe animate the opacity to full 0 of the good plane and the destructible glass to full 100 in split of a second?
    Also in the video you can see that after I shoot it it changes the material opacity(i've used the default glassbroken material in udk, just changed it's diffuse). What the hell is that?

    Second question:
    How do I create an instance duplicate? For a light for example.
    Can I duplicate an instance of a InterpActor with it's matinee animation?

    Any feedback is very welcomed! Thanks!

    Cooool nice to see no one is interested...
    Anyway i've edited the first post with another record.


      I wish I could help you. I just wanted to say that your level is pretty cool. I love triggers, and you've put them to use. I did notice, but it was kind of blurry though that when you went under water, you had a since of depth of field, and when you came out, it was gone. What volume did you use? I have my underwater volume but I'm working on the look of it. I was going to add a fog volume and turn it light blue. I did it in UT3 but haven't in UDk. I know it's not hard, it would just save me some time.
      I'm not sure about the light instance. I know you can Ctrl C , Ctrl V to copy and paste a new light but I assume you want to keep the same settings for each light. If I come across something I will shoot you a tutorial.
      In UT3, in Matinee I was animating multiple Interpacters at one time with a boss character. It's body parts were huge. The arm, head, torso and legs were seperate parts. Sometimes I wanted to animate the arms with the same animation to make things easier so I also thought to duplicate the interpactor matinee. I wasn't able to do it. I also tried to do it with a school of fish, and found myself having to reanimate the fish all over again because I couldn't duplicate it.
      I believe the whole idea of it is that you have to have the interpactor you want animated selected for matinee animation. Now that's that one interpactor. If you duplicate the matinee, you won't duplicate the interpactor mesh as well I believe. That would be like telling matinee to add a mesh to the scene in UDK real time. Vise Versa. If I said that right. So also I don't think you can just duplicate a interpactor in your UDK level stage and then open up Kismet and will see 2 matinee's in there. I actually think I did that before and the animation was exactly in the same spot and it as hard for me to edit because I had alot of keyframes to work with. I believe I tried it for the school of fish. Anyway I will try it myself for you. I have a interpactor boat in my level that's triggered. I'm going to play with it and let you know what happen's. let me know if you figure it out before I do. =550 mb


        Cool level with breakable glass and elevator. I love playing with physics and triggers


          looks great, and has that nice Deck17 feel Sorry that I can't help with your questions


            Heh thanks for the feedbacks!

            For the water I followed this tutorial
            and i also placed a static mesh at the surface with a water material(found in udk content) so that when i'm underwater i can see the wavy surface. I still need to tweak it, for me it doesn't blur it all the time.

            For instanced lights the best solution i found is to make a group for the lights that i want to have the same properties, so when I need to changed them all, I select the group instead of each lights separately.

            Duplicating interpActors would be in handy because I want to duplicate the elevator doors, but I think I'll have to just duplicate animation and sequence and rewire the actors.

            Last week I've played most with some materials but
            This week I'll try to finish the animations for elevators, glass and the moving steps(conveyors).
            Hopefully I'll get a new computer , I'm currently working on a lame laptop.


              How did you implemented the waterfalls?

              Created plane and aplied water material? Something more complex?

              Now you just need to texture it a bit, reminds me of Mirrors' Edge


                Yes it's a SurfaceFluidActor(view-browser window-actor classes) with the waterfall material found in udk content.(i still need to tweak it, doesn't make me too happy at the moment).


                  Hello Prowler. I finally worked on the look of the underwater which I did in UT3 but hadn't got around for a chance in UDK until now. I was missing my Post Processing volume and to play with those settings. I will post tommorrrow. What I really wanted to let you know was about the animation duplication in kismet matinee you mentioned before. I said I was going to do it with a boat for you, but I just tried it on my fishes. The fishes has a simple animation from point A to B.
                  Go ahead and animate your interpactor with matinee.
                  You should have "Matinee Data" and the "Interpactor (New Group)" icon attached to your Matinee.
                  Select all 3 and copy and paste in kismet.
                  Now put another interpacter in your level stage.
                  Make sure it is selected.
                  This time in kismet right click and select New object var using blah,blah,blah interpacter and replace it with "Interpactor (New Group)" icon you created.
                  It should duplicate your animation and maybe you can tweek it seperate from the other unlike an instance.
                  Note to self, make sure you start your duplicate interpactor in a different spot you want it to be on the stage. If you don't, just remember it's the exact same animation and you just won't see it. Pretty much the animation will start where ever your new Interpactor's origin lies.

                  Let me know if it works out. I hadn't ventured any further with it yet, but I'm making a school of stale zombie fish with one sense of direction. I didn't want to get fancy with it, but to bring more like to the level. Still that method saves me trouble from doing seperate animation for each. Good luck on your game.


                    hey mate, thanks for the input.
                    I'll give it a go soon and post results!