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    Crystalis Reborn

    I'm working on a Rebirth project. basically what i mean by this is taking an old game and remaking it from the ground up. keeping intact the basic premise but
    rebuilding a lot of the game play mechanics to support better interactivity. i am also changing the name but i haven't gotten that far yet.

    This is not a complete remake it will just be a few levels of the game for fun and learning. and Testing for a new Game system. and may evolve into something different all together. right now i have the first Town/area mapped out but not populated with anything I'm working on a slime, but the soft body is giving me problems.

    I will Update with some pics soon as i have them and add more info on the game soon as right now I have to go out for a bit.

    here is an update. none of the maps are done as i have to model everything from the ground up so to speak. alot of it has place holders but thought id show everyone whats going on.

    the screenshots.