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Punk Skunk (We'd Love Your Support!)

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    Punk Skunk (We'd Love Your Support!)

    'Ello UDK forums.

    Summary: Punk Skunk is a rapid prototype of a physics based puzzler in which you are a skunk and your goal is to paint yourself as a cat to fool an old woman into letting you into her house, just to stink it up. It has been created by a team of 10 with UDK, with every asset being generated within a 48 hour time frame.

    I am Michael Allar, a 7th Quarter student at The Art Institute of Orange County majoring in Visual Game Programming. I and the "Local Militia" Global Game Jamming team (headed by another AI student Matt Geer) would love your support for a UDK game we have just developed. I've relied on the UDK forums for help with all sorts of things, even though I'm not too much of a poster, and I am trying to give back to community with my own line of tutorials that I am slowly creating; however I plead the community do us this one favor.

    We participated in Global Game Jam this weekend and made a prototype within 48 hours. We would love for you to please rate our game highly (preferably a 5 ) as a community that sticks up for its dedicated peers would be an unstoppable one.

    Before I go too much of what the game is about, I'd like to say that our team of ~10 has put a tremendous effort into this. We spent a solid 8-10 hours doing nothing but designing our game in the beginning. The final result is far from the finalized design as the shape of things of a 48 hour prototype change every hour on the hour, and new things are always coming up and breaking down. One of our 3 3D Artists cranked out 50+ low poly speed models in 48 hours, we rigged three characters (only one is implemented however), with animations for each (very rough, as we had issues with the anim tree pipeline and therefore only 2 animations are implemented), a guy chugging away at particles the entire time (for animations that were not implemented); a new tech artist who learned quite a great deal in kismet and matinee without having any udk experience prior, and so much more that I will be writing quite a blog entry on my site about everything we went through. Hell, we even have two full levels built that aren't implemented yet.

    This was quite an experience for us and we learned a lot about the UDK, the game development pipeline, what it is to rapid prototype, and most importantly, ourselves. We want to share our experience with everyone we can as for those who have never participated in an event like this (this was our first), it is such a great rush and more educational than -any- school can teach.

    While it is evident that there are quite a few bugs in our game, there

    Along with this experience, we will be posting screen shots of everything (including a lot of assets that were not implemented) on this post, my blog, ggj, everywhere we can.

    Global Game Jam:

    GGJ brings together talented individuals from within your community. It is unique opportunity for people to push their skills and challenge their way of working. Participants work concurrently along with developers around the globe, we rally around a central theme, which you have 48 hours to create a game. It's our hope that we will see some very experimental realized prototypes that you can continue to work on after the jam. Many games developed in 2009 have become fully realized games. ... We encourage that participants eat and sleep to stay at their best.

    This event also comes with Achievements Which is why some of the design elements are the way they are...

    Now I haven't gone to bed yet since this event's end (a few hours ago) so I will cut myself short here with the description of our game and let you see for yourself our creation.

    We would love for the community to register and to rate us strongly due to our efforts and what we have accomplished, but also to prove to the world that the UDK is a force to be reckoned with and expose the world to our community.

    Please register and vote, we greatly appreciate your time to do so.

    Also, any feedback and suggestions are welcome, as we plan to continue to refine this into something great. We are aware of various ui bugs and whatnot, but if you have any ideas about how to fix them or what we can do, please feel free to speak up (preferably after registering for ggj and voting )

    Thank you community, thank you so much for making this possible.

    Looks like it could use some more work. The lighting, shadows, and textures... are simply horrible. I would work on it a lot before official release. Frankly I don't even think this could be considered a good prototype. It looks like something that could have been accomplished 10 years ago if not more... I love games that have a tiny player in a huge world like this though.


      What is the goal in the game?
      What do I have to do?
      Or is it nothing more than an unoriginal rushed map with a swapped playerchar model?

      I totally respect your effort, but it is rather a waste of time to just...see some unfinished map/character/soundesign.
      I don't see a single piece in which the artist have really taken dedication into.

      Like since you are playing as a skunk, why not try to give the skunk it's original movements? Would look interesting as hell, and would add to the feel. Almost every **** game uses humanoid skeletal animations. And to be honest..if the animator would have spend more time on it, it could have looked a lot better.


        you have quite a lot of people working on this game as a team,i'd expect more from that many people.
        all i saw was a few models,and a few in game pics,completely not what i was expecting.


          A friend of mine just won the local chapter of this in ottawa.

          Best of luck,


            GGJ here in Savannah was pretty fun.



              Agreed, we made the skunk a biped for the sake of rigging simplicity; as we also did a cat and a mouse that were rigged and animated (but not implemented as well). Our animator also had some issues with importing his .PSA's from Maya for several hours, and that cut down severely on his animation time. For our 48 hour prototype, we've decided that many readable props were a much better investment than a lot of more detailed but significantly less props; as after all this event is about rapid prototyping and not about having the art finalized. We are now slowly going over the art assets, giving them better geometry, unwrapping, texturing, and projection mapping; but now that the event is over, we are treating this as more of a side portfolio piece than a rush to get it done.

              Just uploaded V1.15; which includes a title screen explaining the game, and some more bug fixes.