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Project W.A.L.K.E.R. game

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    Project W.A.L.K.E.R. game

    Fellow greetings everybody..
    First big post... ok Thank you epic, without you an your support, games, engine etc, most games people have wanted to make now are due to you releasing the UDK! Bravo! There is going to be a massive boom in video games due to this. So awesome!
    Anyways i'll get to the point ive been mucking around with unreal engine since UT, ut2k4 + its Runtime an ut3. now with UDK.
    The game ive been wanting to make for years now is based on an old amiga 500 game called walker.. here is a link

    Now with udk im after a walker type of game which is in 3rd an fps depending on the players choice.
    It will involve an gameplay layout like battlefield 2 x between
    Mechwarrior, Walker, War of the worlds.

    The human team can use many vehicles, planes, boats everything etc against its enemy.
    The enemy however has stronger shields for its mech style, depending on the size of the mech. smallest to largest. Mechs are customized to place what ever humanoid legs, or chicken legs, arms guns, cannons, torso, head etc. this will appear to create a different style of game each time.

    Also I have been playing around alot with the Fracture tools in udk, and have been able to make destructible roads and entire buildings, Wood that breaks like wood when shattered, telegraph poles, wood fences, wood stairs all made in 3dsmax 9 an imported in udk an made destructible.

    But I have hit a few dead ends, first off vehicles dont damage a fracture mesh, an if the fracture mesh is shot in fps mode per poly is switched off auto when in a vehicle an hit invisible wall. (where the fracture mesh used to be)
    I have been able to turn off collision for fracture meshs just for vehicles an not the player or its weapons. this will have to do for the time being, unless fracture meshs can be damaged by a vehicle.

    Here are my vids i have posted of my fracture tests.
    Oldest to newest

    Unreal Development Kit UDK Destructible Roads And Buildings

    Unreal Development Kit UDK Destructible Wood 1

    Unreal Development Kit UDK Destructible Wood 2

    Unreal Development Kit UDK Fracture an vehicles not working

    Udk Fracture wood fences stairs telegraph poles

    More will be added soon... =)

    My 2d concept demo reels

    V8matey Artwork Demo reel ver 1.0

    V8matey Artwork Demo reel ver 2.0

    Anyone wanting to help or need help feel free to ask..