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    City Engine > UDK SCI-Fi environment

    As a milestone in developing an iterative pipeline between City Engine and UDK for my Unreal Oslo project I made a level using one of the amazing City Engin`s procedural example files, The Instance City.

    The entire city model is based on a small number of premodeled buidings cleverly instanced using the powerfull CGI rulles.

    Building assets provided by CASCADE ANIMATION

    When exporting the model a Python script helped setting up T3D file that made importing and placement of an entire city with its tens of thousands of assets in UDK relatively fast.

    More detailed description about the methods can be found here:

    and here:

    An installer for this level can be downloaded here

    Big thanks goes to Denny and Andreas.

    Feedback and questions are apriciated

    Very impressive.

    Are you planning on using material instances to vary the color and look of the buildings?


      NOW can you do Stavanger for me? .....please?


        Wow, that's some impressive technology!

        I started a similar procedural city project a few years back with a fellow student of mine, but had too much else going on to finish it

        I'll definitely have to grab a trial and have a poke around


          Thanks BluePlanetGames
          Material instances is a very flexible way to have variety I will most definately make use of them.

          Jede-Phoenix.....I am in Oslo at the moment.... I do Oslo....perhaps someone in Stavanger can be inspired:=)

          Do your city


            yea city engines very good..Nice work matey.


              Originally posted by lubitel View Post
              Jade-Phoenix.....I am in Oslo at the moment.... I do Oslo....perhaps someone in Stavanger can be inspired:=)

              Do your city
              Only reason I asked was My father and grandfather are from there. I'm just a U.S. Viking with a Taste for Metal/techno and 3d Gaming goodness. Saw this and had to just at least see if it was req-able ? Good job so far though.


                Oslo is just like any ol city. I just happen to live in it at the moment so I do it.

                Next stop is..... ........Idonno.