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[Slowed, not really Canceled] Game i got made so far WIP

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    ACTUALLY!, the vid makes the game extremly dark! only the begining with the flash light is the darkest part of the game :]

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    Nice work so far, I like it. My only crit atm is that, like most gams like this, it's too dark atm. Even if your game revolves around lighting as core gameplay mechanic, you shouldn't make the level too dark. It's fine to have to have some places, key points, almost pitch black, but don't makes the game hard for a player by making them struggle to see where they are going.

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  • [Slowed, not really Canceled] Game i got made so far WIP

    NEW VID:

    No sounds on the new video

    Old VID

    Heres a crappy vid (crappy as in the video quality xD) of my game :] tell me what u think.

    No story for now well, no actually story but i'm working on it as i go.

    Update: added some postprocess hehe and im very satisfied with the results.

    Update 2: added a cinematic after you click play also some motion blur that im tweaking around which i finally got working there are no voices in the cinematic yet although there is supposed to be, although im waiting on Repent for that so here is the video : CLICK HERE

    Update 3: Added a helmet to my player and some more enemies, death match AI makes players kill themselves, so idk how to make them work together. ALSO im working on a VEHICLE for my game :]

    Old Shots

    Repent also made some voices for me for the game and i thank him much for that :]