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My 1st try.

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    My 1st try.

    Here is a 8 second video on youtube. Its what ive learnt and made my self with out using a tutorial for the 1st time. Its a corridoor with slanted sides. Its not much but just wanted to no wht you think for my 1st try. I no that the roof is not textured but this video took ages to upload on youtube as it is.

    Maybe you want to include the link to youtube?


      Hi liknk up :P



        That's a good begining.
        However, it is better to finish the part of your work before posting the result.
        It was been better to apply all textures for example.
        To add all lights for the next step.
        To add all fx...

        Because these steps could be change easily and quickly. You can change your light parameters quickly, without production pression. But I think you understand what I want to mean.

        I think it is a great way to show nice work. We can more appreciate it.
        And it is more professional. What do you think about this idea ?

        However if you need to post or to send your work to ask help for anything, that's fine ! I like so much ^^

        herm... stop talking >< xD