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share sources of your projects. for experience exchange

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    What I did when I was learning the basics, was read as much of the game code that I was interested in modding as I could, as well as obtaining as many games using the engine as I could. I spent probably $100 in the super-cheap-games bins at some places, to obtain old unreal engine games... and I read their script code (**** you Deus Ex 2!!) .. you can almost always open up a .U file and read the code inside.

    And if you ask me for help, I'm probably not going to tell you exactly how to do something, but I will help you find information that will help you. I spent two+ years working on game mods to get to the point i'm at, where I understand the language really well, although I don't have much experience at all in the UE3 source code, and there's a whole huge amount of it that I haven't even looked at yet, because it is a TON bigger than the prior engine's script code base.


      i read and cry. it's stupid thread and let's stop posting here.

      many all of you think that they will make something to sell it and get money. heh.. good luck, visionary.
      the truth is out there... many of projects will die at home, and only few of them will be mods or free projects and more few of them will be a really good game witch will be sold.

      i think some time later will be many examples and sources of "super closed sources games"!

      and for most of us it's just a hobby

      i asked to share sources not to copy/paste. i said it is an examples: examples of game play, examples of code usage, examples of function usage,... of pawn..of cameras and etc..
      UDK SDK has no good help,this is main problem. it has no answers how to do something simple, but the game builds on this simple things.

      some of people here said that the would not answer simple or starter or stupid questions. heh, really? i read very many. beginners creates same themes over 1-2 pages. and no one said "go to search", and those threads have many answers, but really hard thread question also goes to trash! bla bla bla... (now i said not about my threads)

      and only a very few part of forum can help and they helps. thanx for them.
      others members can only says that "yeah i am a script god and you are **** on my boots go to learn noob"
      so i want to ask all of you gods. please remember a school. remember you classmates which helped to you, remember teachers.
      so how you think if in past when you was child there was no teachers and now parents or classmates who helped when you need it, say please, what now could be?

      it's all is polemic.