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  • Oasis

    I'm currently working on a mod with some guys over from 3D Buzz, and for one of our level we need an Oasis. As this is going to be the centre point for a section of the level I decided to try and make the oasis really stand out, so I started with the water. This is where I am up to so far, but I've been speaking to with some people about getting an even better water effect, so I'll play around with what they show me and post my next iteration in a couple of days.

    Newest Version here (V4) -

    P.S. Be gentle, it's far from finished.

    Edit: The terrain and level are just a place holder, I was just using them as a testbed for the water material so I could get an idea of what it would look like.


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    Looks good to me. Sort of off topic, but I wonder if there's a better way to graphically transition from underwater to above. Maybe give the screen a full blur (like squint mode) while the "edge" of the water is on screen?

    And working with 3dBuzz? Cool!


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      It's not 3DBuzz per se, but a big group of us from there decided to actually put our heads together and create something. Can't really say much more then that for now.

      Yeah, the transition to water doesn't look pretty at the moment, partially because I haven't really spent much time in that area. I just wanted to see what it looked like from underneath with a post-process effect and secondly, I didn't take into account the WorldPositionOffset input when I was thinking about creating a post-process effect when being underneath the water.

      But thanks for the feedback.


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        How did you make the realtime reflection? I tried to do it with the reflection actor but it didn't work out for some reason :\

        Though I don't think I'll need a realtime reflection, what do you think?

        Edit: ah you have a blog entry with your material setup. Did you figure it out by yourself or did you tweak Hourence's setup? (I did)


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          I've been working with a lot of water materials lately, trying to see how each one was created and reverse engineer any I could my hands on. Then I decided to create one myself with my biggest inspiration been KazeoHin's water from warm gun. I still haven't got waves working yet, but using WorldPositionOffset (credit goes out to Scruffy for help on that), I've been able to give the texture some depth rather than just being flat, whilst still only using a plane.

          There's a few aspects from Hourences which I refuse to add until I understand how to make them work properly which includes adding the location and strength of the sun/light. I can see how it's done but can't replicate it without referring back to the tutorial.


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            hey ! Are you using realtime shadows or Dominant light ?


            nice work


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              Just using a static dominant light and cheers


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                Originally posted by sueds View Post
                hey ! Are you using realtime shadows or Dominant light ?


                nice work
                How would you get a realtime shadow with no light?
                You can have dynamic shadows with a dominant light.


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                  nice sparkles
                  i need to stop partying and get round to doin up my project lol


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                    Hey! is you Piranhi!
                    I'll give you a cookie if you can tell where I know you from.


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                      haha, I have no idea bud. Refresh my memory!


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                        Second iteration -

                        I actually turned off accept lights on my last version, can't believe I didn't notice when I put the video up.
                        The water is probably too blue at the moment, but it's still a W.I.P

                        Any C&C would be more then welcomed.


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                          Well.. for an Oasis you sure have the wrong tree's :P especially for a desert oasis *hint* palms *hint*

                          Water is as you say way too blue, and clear.

                          Water edge's is too clear, its hard to see (atleast on vids) where sand ends and water starts.

                          And lastly ground textures could really use a helping hand (normal, paralax, detail).

                          But as you said its WIP, and since its all WIP its hard to really give c&c

                          EDIT : Just some water clerification, if i can in english :P

                          Bright blue water (warm ocean/caribbean) = "dead" water, low to none plankton, usually high salt concentration, less iron.
                          Normal blue water (ocean, swim hall) = salty water with plankton or freshwater with decent amount of chlorin (?)
                          Bright Clear water = freshwater rivers, lakes, ect.
                          Muddy water = well duh! :P

                          My best guess (from pictures), for Oasis you would be looking at something in between clear regular water and muddy water, depending on location and animals in the area.

                          Anyways, just as i see it :P


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                            Hey there, I'm quite impressed with the work done thus far: let me drop you some philosophical tips.

                            The surface of water is comprised of either reflection or refraction. The angle of view determines which. At steep view angles, the water is reflective, at flat view angles, the water is refractive. The surface should never be a specific color, as the 'blue' commonly associated with water is a combination of the sky being reflected and the deep light refraction which removes warm light/red colors as the water gets deeper. The actual 'surface' is not blue, it is reflecting or refracting.


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                              Thanks for the feedback.

                              @Brexer - if you read my first post:

                              Edit: The terrain and level are just a place holder, I was just using them as a testbed for the water material so I could get an idea of what it would look like.
                              I know that they aren't the right trees etc It's just so I can get a feel for the surroundings, I don't want to just use the plain checkerboard material and no sky box while I'm testing or I won't get an accurate idea. (If I could rename the title I would just call it "Oasis water material" :P )
                              I think you're right about the waters edge though, it probably is too clear atm, I need to find a way to get rid of the hard edge as it looks really ugly, even when using worldOffsetPosition.

                              @KazeoHin, I'll remove the blue, the last one seemed a bit murkier but as least it was more of a true reflection of the sky (at the time it was the cloudy one). I might look into destColour, I've heard that can be used for changing colour the further away a pixel is.

                              Thanks both for your comments though!