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New Hover Tank, Action-Strategy Game for the PC and laptop - Made in UDK!

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    New Hover Tank, Action-Strategy Game for the PC and laptop - Made in UDK!

    Hey Guys!

    Im a UDK'er with a new game we are just about to release on Steam Early Access. We have been in development for over 5 years and our singleplayer version of the game is complete. We are working on adding the multiplayer version of the game, but that will take at least another 6 months to get ready for the public.

    The game is made by Platoon Studios. We are and indie developer with only 5 people working on the project (and only one person working full time). We have a really good modeler (Nostromo) and Landscaper (hotshot), but I wrote all the code for this game myself (extending from the UT classes mostly)

    I wrote all the code in Uscript and only use kismet for running the swf movies that use the renderTexutures in game.

    TO say the least, the project was EXTREMELY difficult to complete, and it almost got abandoned several times. It took me year and years of research (never went to school or took any classes, just basically learned how to use UDK, code, and model from what I could find on the internet) PROPS to GeoDav for the vehicle rigging tuts he posted, I started with those and well you can see what it evolved into.

    Im curious, do you guys know of any other games made in UDK / UE3 that are Action-strategy game types?

    The game is so intense it requires a 30+ page manual to learn how to play it!!

    This is the game summary / promo stuff:

    Bionite: Origins is a unique hover-tank based game that blends FPS and RTS elements in a Battlezone-type style. Players command units to construct bases and defend them in first or third person view. An additional satellite view (RTS) is used to command team defenses against attacking enemy, execute complex attacks on enemy assets, and deploy turrets to defend team assets. Tanks and vehicles are grouped into formations and squads to capture resources from the enemy. With missions on several planets, the goal is to destroy the enemy bases. Players need to manage critical resources such as BioOre and electricity successfully in order to triumph in battle.

    Backstory Summary
    BIONITE: Origins is the first in a series of games set in the future of mankind. The mysterious element called Bionite is accidentally found on Venus by a crew of prospectors looking for deposits of Helium3. They soon learn that Bionite has a very unique quality that has laid dormant for thousands of years. In order to extract the Bionite a massive mining operation is built on Venus. As the result of a minor disagreement with the military, a group of scientists are banished from Earth and form their own faction dedicated to stopping the military. Because of its nefarious uses by the military and the spread of mining facilities throughout the galaxy, the Rebel Faction has dedicated itself to stopping all Bionite production. Players can participate in battles on the Military Side (IMI) or for the Rebel Faction. Sniping an enemy vehicle for infiltrating the enemy base is a great way to launch a sneak attack...

    Key Game Features:
    • Command Battles on Multiple Worlds
    • 23 Vehicles and Units to Build and Command
    • Customizable Weapons Loadouts
    • Complex Wingman Command System
    • Customizable Vehicles
    • Customizable Wingman Attack and Defensive Patterns
    • Construct Bases with Defensive Perimeters
    • Form Complex Attacks on the Enemy with Customizable Squads
    • Player Ranking System
    • Strategic Resource Management of BioOre and Electricity

    What We Are Working On:
    • Multiplayer Version with up to 32 vs 32 on one map
    • Release on Steam in Early 2016
    • More Weapons and Vehicles
    • Many More Maps
    • Turn Based Missions
    • Moddable Content
    • Organizing LAN Gaming Center Tournaments
    • Expanding the Vehicle Module System

    Steam Page:

    Thanks for Reading - Please post questions and / or comments about the game!

    Screenshots / content links:

    Box Art:

    We have many videos of the game on our Youtube page:

    The Run Through Videos of the BETA:

    The Recent Demo of the Hopper Cutscene:

    A quick Demo of the Factory running a fabrication sequence on a modulated vehicle:

    Ill post more videos as they are done, were in the process of making more run-through vids

    Please ask questions or make comments, we want to hear from the UDK community!

    the HUD:

    the Multifunction Display Screens:

    the Power Meter Display:

    The Command Screen:

    The BioOre Meter:

    The Vehicle Status Screen:

    Wingman Stat Keys:

    Hull Damage Indicator:


      wow dude, impressive! I like the close-up 1p really gets me involved.


        Thanks Snipe34!!

        we worked our asses off to finish this game, it got so complex we didnt think we would ever finish it!


          Nice work! 5 years? How did you stay motivated?


            Thanks Frankit!

            hmmmm. that is a good question. its something i wanted to do all my life. Unfortunately i picked the most difficult way of doing it. Once i started, there was no going back, and I had no clue how difficult it was going to be to finish the game. I think alot of my motivation came from the positive response we got from the gaming community. I do have a problem with trolls, and it took a while for me to learn how to deal with them (not take the trolling so personally).

            I also got lucky in that the people i work with were extremely patient. When i got started i was the noob and the crew kept me on my feet. I had no experience making games or coding at a high level when i started, and every little success got me more motivated.

            If you want to I have a blog that details our development process. I have just started it, with the development history. Here is the link: (get ready cause it aint pretty):

            thanks for the support!


              Quite a blog It is strange as you say: "It was very difficult to find people that understood this concept: good games take time to make, they are not just ""created overnight out of thin air"." A few acquaintances disappeared on me for that reason. I deduced they felt guilt because they can't/won't help, then hostile if I contacted them and asked, what's up? - their attitude was the oddest thing.
              You pushed that situation further and had people ripping you off and going in all directions. I dunno which is worse, but thankfully you managed to get a small dedicated team.
              Then there's big corps ripping off neat little inventions, just enough to be irritating, which you may not have come across yet.

              Haven't seen a game as complex on UDK that I can relate to and would play. It's encouraging for us plugging away with our UDK games. And agh, mine is getting complex, but nowhere near the mind boggling complexity I see when looking at your game. But there are many mind games involved to force oneself to stay motivated. And still more mind games involved, as you incline, getting help from capable people.

              Congrats again on your magnum opus!

              edit: What are am I thinking, complex: RenegadeX


                Thanks Snipe34
                it was pure hell making the game, seriously. That is encouraging to me to hear that its not just me finding these people, I just have a knack of finding the absolute worse of the worse. (its like a curse)
                The Rage-quitters are the worst. They get in on the team, then do the absolute minimum amount of work to stay on the team, then hold me ransom for my own game! Story writers are the absolute worse case. I had to not accept any story lines from people because is if i even said "thats a good story" they immediately think the whole game is built on their story. Then, when they dont get their way, they rage-quit and send me letters stating that I need there permission to work on my own game. Luckily not everyone suffers from this psychosis. There are a very small percentage of people that understand how to work on a team.
                RenegadeX is an awesome game! thanks for that example of a hybrid.


                  That blog... Wow, great read!


                    Thanks Frankit
                    we are releasing the Single Player version of the game (one vs. one against the computer) on Steam on November 6th, 2015. If anyone can understand the AI code that i wrote, it would be GREAT to get some input / help making the code better. I wrote all the AI code to work without the nav mesh, taking some from how EPIC does it and doing some of my own. I did my best to try and simulate a 'thinking bot" that can make decisions on the battlefield that will be tactfully correct. I had to create all of my command code for the bots, using some of EPIC's code and alot of my own. I think i did a pretty good job figuring out how to make the bots Fly in Formation. I wonder if anyone can guess how i did that? Watch the bots when flying in formation and you can see how tight they stay in formation when your driving and turning. ~LtF


                      Single would suit me. Gone off multi as a result of cheap hackers - if people really must cheat do it in SinglePlayer, dammit!

                      Help with your code, heh, I'd be one of those dudes ripping your code off for myself. Na I couldn't do that I prefer sleeping soundly at night. If I had time away from my own game I'd try to help you out. And me improving your code, oh dearie me. There are people here who are educated in that direction and could take an interest in your game which has proof-of-pudding (whatever they call it): completed, on the market, working, with greenlight.

                      Formation flying would that be Flock code from the rocketLauncher? I'm learning code as you learned it, mix'n'match, and at last I'm actually writing the stuff myself.

                      Again, good luck - although after your heart rending tale of progress, double that luck Hope someone genuine can help you out.


                        Thanks Snipe34! Im always open to suggestions. Were almost on Steam, hopefully by the end of this month!

                        Actually i didnt use any code from EPIC for setting up the Fly in Formation states for the wingmen, i didnt bother with the math either (just a clue).
                        Are you writing in Uscript?

                        We are just about done adding the new cockpits to the vehicles. Got a screen and a link to the Utube video of the Bayonet in action:

                        720 Utube vid:



                          woohoo, looking excellent!

                          The whole moonscape thing just grabs me. Dirty windows, lots of great messy texturing all around adding to the 'real feel' and stuff that actually works in the cockpits, nice!

                          Yep I'm using UScript. It's irritatingly easy now I know what I'm doing. But it's a language so I'm constantly scratching around for correct words.

                          Hope it's going well, but I wonder if a Dev's work is ever done XD