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The Maestros - Resourceless RTS with units that transform - Open Alpha Announced

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    The Maestros - Resourceless RTS with units that transform - Open Alpha Announced

    Hey everybody,

    My name's Dru, and I've been working on UDK games out of Los Angeles for a while now. This forum has been an enormous help to my teams and I over the past several years. When I got into UDK, I don't think I could have even known how to make an empty project layout without this community (making a project was half the battle back in those days ). So before I get into it, I wanted to thank you all for making this such a powerful resource for people who want to make the games they never imagined they could.

    So welcome to the world of The Maestros (the game I never imagined I could make )

    The Maestros is an online multiplayer RTS (real-time strategy) game set in a humorous fantasy world where you control a commander and his squadron of wildy cuddly and mildly vicious minions. You can play as either the dieselpunk Knights of Teutonia with their clunky, transforming robots or as the futuristic Alchemists of Regalis with their adorable, mutating monsters.

    You amass minions by killing monster NPCs around the map. Then you can transform them at points around the map.

    When you’re all ready to fight, go in there and take out the enemy’s commander!

    But what does it all mean?
    Basically, The Maestros is what happens when an FPS momma adopts a weeee little RTS baby and raises it as if it were its own child. You are absolutely controlling a fast-paced, top-down strategy game à la Starcraft, but sometimes you end up with moments like this

    And you end up camping the Rocket (Turtle) spawn so you can do this

    Open Alpha

    This weekend we announced that we'll be going into an Open Alpha starting Sat. July 11 and ending Aug. 2. We'd really love for you to join us in testing this game.

    To be notified when we go live, click here:

    If you want to see more, feel free to check out the trailer & links below.

    Web Site | Facebook | Twitter | Twitch | IndieDB

    Hi everyone! The time has come, and of now, our game is live!


    What is the Maestros?
    The Maestros is a competitive RTS inspired by classic Warcraft III custom maps. You take control of a commander unit, and clear neutral unit camps to build up your army. As you move around the map, you can transform your units into more powerful ones at predesignated transform points. Team up, and take your opponents down! No base building, no long start-up time, and games are quick!

    For a more detailed description on what to expect, or the game in general, we have a small blog linked below.


    Since this game has a team focus, but needs at least two players to play against each other, we've been doing our best to get the word out. Don't hesitate to bring a friend a long if you want to try it though!

    System Requirements
    While we've made a lot of performance enhancing improvements, there is still optimization that needs to be done. However, it should run on any half decent computer, as we have a functional settings page with different resolutions, etc. We recommend a 1 mbps internet connection, and modernish (no more than 5 years old) nVidia or AMD graphics card.

    As the title suggests, this is an alpha build, so there will be bugs. We've done a lot to squash as many as possible, but it's not perfect quite yet. If you find any, we'd appreciate hearing the details. There an aspect of the design you don't like? Or perhaps really do like and want more of? We'd like to hear that too! In other words, we're looking for all kinds of feedback. We built a feedback button linked in the main menu. You are welcome to use that, but I'll try to keep an eye on this thread as well, answer any questions if people have them.


    Thanks for reading! Hope to see you on the battlefield soon!