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Swing Racers - unique driving mechanic for iOS

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    Swing Racers - unique driving mechanic for iOS

    Finally finished my UDK game!

    Swing Racers


    More info on the game here:

    It's not actually released at the time of this writing, but I figure by the time anyone reads this forum, it will be Got through app submission first time thankfully, but sheesh, what a rigmarole to change my Apple Dev account from individual to company. Lesson learned. Anyway...

    I started this almost 3 years ago, doing whatever I could in my spare time (probably ~6 months of work if I was doing it full-time). I had a dream one night where I was racing these little cars around the house with a rubber band and it felt really cool! So I prototyped it in kismet.

    It worked OK but with one major flaw: in the dream, my hands never got in the way - on a touch screen, they do So I needed to keep the steering hand on one side of the screen, which was harder than it might seem - can't do much with the camera when you're touching the world to steer, since that changes where you are touching! In the end, the key was making the camera orientation changes slow and predictable. Went through a lot of prototypes.

    Ultimately I feel like I achieved a unique and natural method of steering, with a fun visual setting.

    Feel free to try it out! Here's the social links for the company if you wish to follow




    And now, finally I can get into UE4 properly for the next game.


    Congrats Cory!Realy like those micro machines type games and wow,didnt knew you have worked on so many famous titles!
    Now of you go from the udk pit and to the new engine era
    Good luck with future work


      Thanks Majic!

      Game is now featured in "Best New Games" on most App Stores around the world, except US, Canada, Russia & South America