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    Give it a try folks, we have just released a free demo version at

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    We are 3 italians, me (coder), a graphic artist, and a web admin..
    Thank you very much!
    @frankit: trailer on GamingSoon:
    8bit eric review:

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    Nice looking game... Any video clips?

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    Looks great!I just hope some day companyes like apple decide to put 2-3 butons or flat anaog stick in their devices as for me its stupid (for complex games)to use the screen with virtual ones and not being able to see the screen from your finguers
    Still solid looking
    How many people are on the team?Was looking at your page but it doesnt say in which country you are located.
    I hope you get many sales.

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    Evhacon - iOS RPG

    Developer site:
    Game site:
    App store link:!=it&Is=1&mt=8
    Facebook page:

    Evhacon is a single player roleplaying game created by independent developer Pietro Nifosi and Retroverso Games.

    Assume the role of an unknown hero charged with aiding the Aecherians on a epic quest steeped in mystery and high adventure!
    In typical RPG fashion you'll go on quests, fight monsters and level up your character.
    Enhance your attributes and talents as you see fit to achieve the playing style that most fits your playing style.
    Assemble valuable gear and rare items from vendors, chests, and from the body of those you have dispatched.
    In a neat little twist some chests and doors may actually require you to complete a lock-picking mini-game in order to gain access to them.
    Once you've completed the designated quests you'll still be able to scour the countryside looking for items to build up your character for the next part of the journey.
    Future enhancements will include professions, a place to stash excess goods and the ability to transfer your character from one episode to the next.
    Vivid, detailed graphics help the game world come to life, and every character is voice acted.

    Fully interactive 3D World
    3rd person camera
    Beautiful soundtracks and realistic ambient sounds
    Accurate combat with manual blocking and attacking.
    Vast selection of weapon types and upgrades
    Lockpicking system
    And much much more!

    Powered by Unreal Engine 3.