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Recruits released on Steam Early Access (PC)

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    Recruits released on Steam Early Access (PC)


    I'm very excited to announce that Recruits is now available on Steam Early Access

    Steam Store Link:

    Recruits is a brutal fast paced top down shooter that puts the lives of countless amounts of soldiers in your command. Lead your men to victory and see them progress through the ranks, show them defeat and they will be lost forever.

    We have a short trailer you can view to get an idea of the game plays like:

    Current Features
    • General Gameplay – Full body dismemberment and gore, weather effects, physics and destruction and time of day lighting effects.
    • Variety of Mission Objectives – Including kill all enemies, destroy all buildings, covert operations and survival situations.
    • Soldier Progression – Permanent death, enlisted rank progression, personal attributes and customizable nicknames and load outs.
    • Special Abilities and Weapons – As a Commander, earn respect points to unlock upgraded weaponry and special abilities such as Airstrikes and Cluster Bombs.
    • Squad Orders – A right click command menu in singleplayer gives you the ability to give basic commands to your squad members.
    • Game Modes – Singleplayer campaign missions, online multiplayer death match and team death match.
    • Controllable Vehicles – Helicopters and Tanks with specifically tailored missions and environments for them.
    • Updates – Updates for fixes and feedback from players to improve the game in all aspects.

    Future Features
    • More Mission Objectives - Rescue prisoners of war, assassinate enemy leaders and base patrols are just a few.
    • In-depth Soldier Progression – Platoon role stat bonuses, visual soldier customization and more.
    • Special Abilities and Weapons – Larger variety of weaponry and more special abilities including Napalm, Mortar Strikes, Airdrops, Chemical Sprays reinforcements and more.
    • Context Sensitive Command Menu – Greater and more precise control over the squad A.I.
    • Soldier Morale – Events in game effecting the mood and effectiveness of your soldiers in battles.
    • More Game Modes – Introduction of online and local co-op, capture the flag and more.
    • Medals and Awards – Earn special stat boosts by performing heroic events in game.
    • Steam Integration – Steam Achievements.
    • Overall Game Improvements – Bugs and fixes, along with making the game easier to play and understand for all users. This game is still being developed and will always be updated to improve the overall usability.

    Follow us on:


    The Recruits Team

    WOW amazing!