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[ios free] CTF 2000

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    [ios free] CTF 2000

    Yet another fine game from Tegleg Records
    heres the link

    CTF 2000

    Multiplayer Capture the Flag in cars.
    Practice against bots then play against real people.

    At the start of the game the flag appears as a Green Tower, be first to touch it with your car to pick it up.
    You get 1 'safe' second where the flag is yours and nobody can take it.
    Heres the fun part, Steal the flag from another player by ramming into their car.
    Points are scored when a flag holder touches a Red Tower.
    First to 5 Wins the game.

    In this first build there are 2 maps and 5 vehicles.
    Pick your car and colour to play in Practice mode, the selection is randomized in Multiplayer.

    Be part of the game's evolution, please Rate and leave a comment.

    feel free to add your comment on here, and please let me know if it runs on your device

    Thanks and Have Fun!
    maybe see you in there
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    little Bump :s
    we need more players!

    tell all your friends to download it too


      I'll try tell some IPhone users, i wish i had an Iphone to try it, So far all games i see in playstore for Android are ****... (maybe im not in the right place to search them ?)
      Your game looks neat m8. It's sad that it's not for android.


        i wish udk could export to android, its a much better platform than ios in every way. i even asked epic about licensing full ue3 just for android but i don't have any kind of budget so that's not possible.
        you would think now that ue3 is good as dead Epic might think about opening it up to indies and hobbyists. Epic?

        UE4 on the other hand can export to android but there are very few devices around that can actually run it, so its not worth bothering with tbh.

        we are working on an update for this game, Steven (UnWheelModeller, he made the car in the pictures) from Unwheel2 is currently setting up to make some stuff for it, so expect it to look pretty as well as being fun to play


          So UE4 games can hardly be working for Android devices ? how much time until all android devices can run it ?
          I wonder if epic could provide more documentation about dynamic lighting on UE 3, or if they could even replace it for the one of UE 4. That'd be awsome for some of us who still in here.... : ).
          Because for what i see right now it's messy as with the default properties of it.