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    Final Contest Entry Version

    Fortification Map Contest Entry - Seaborn


    The Agatha fleet presides in a secluded harbour overlooked by a little known but beautifully preserved ancient city built into the rocks that surround it. The Mason order have been tipped off that for the last few months King Argon's flagship - the likes of which has never sailed the seven seas - is also at rest here, watched over by the looming cliffs and turrets that have protected the secrets of powerful men since before the recording of time. With this new found information, the Mason Order have concocted a plan that will allow them to commandeer this beast of the ocean, whilst also doing untold damage to the Agatha fleet and port.

    Unless they are stopped.

    -Objective 1-
    The Mason Order must navigate their way through a network of Sea Caves, bringing with them a cart full of explosives to wreak untold Havoc in the nearby Agatha Controlled Port and City.

    -Objective 2-
    Once the Mason Forces are free of the caves, they are confronted by the Elite Gaurd of the city, stronger than the average warrior, trained with a wider variety of weapons, and faster too. The Elite Gaurd are limited in number, and must all be defeated before the Mason order are free to progress further into the city.

    -Objective 3-
    If the Mason order successfully dispatch the elite gaurd, then they are free to move down into the storehouses, armouries and inns that make up the lowest tier of the city. Here they must slaughter the local townspeople, and attempt to raise to the ground 3 key structures, as well as the battleships currently moored in the harbour, which they they can sink with either torches, or a ballista normally used in the defence of the city.

    -Objective 4-
    Once the port has been successfully sacked, the Mason Order board King Argon's flagship, and must attempt to sail it down a narrow ravine pass, whilst the Agathian's, in their desperation to recapture the crowning jewel of King Argons fleet, leap onto the boat from both sides of the ravine, with little regard for their own safety. The Mason order have the ability to capture 2 bridges at strategic points along the river, which will allow them to move their forces forwards, in an attempt to keep up with the ship that is making it's way downstream. Should the Mason order manage to maintain a majority on the ship, it will keep moving. The Agathian's have access to Ballista all along the ravine, which they can use to defend the bridges, and to snipe Mason warriors on the King Argon's ship.

    -Objective 5-
    If the Mason order successfully traverse the ravine, they are presented with their final obstacle, a great sea gate, and two great cranks that must be turned in order to open it. Here, a last ditch defence is put up by the Agathian's, but it may be too little too late.


    -Unique Features/Moments-

    -New Cave and Ship models
    -New sound effects
    -Custom Soundtrack
    -Large portion of battle takes place on moving ship


    Seaborn is a level constructed by 4 students of the Computer Animation course at Bournemouth University. It was an ambitious undertaking and we are incredibly proud of what we managed to achieve in a relativly short space of time. For all but one member of the team, this was the first level we have ever created, though it definately wont be our last!

    Level Design and Environment Art - George 'CupMcCakers' Hulm
    Scripting and Animaton - Jonathan 'Cimmerick' Flynn
    Environment Art and Modelling - Finn 'Tropical Goth' Connolly
    Modelling - Michael 'Carn' Newborn


    Maps included:

    Wow, this is a beautiful project ! Congrats to the team