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InfiniExplorers. Pre-Alpha Demo

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    InfiniExplorers. Pre-Alpha Demo

    Hi everyone!!

    I've been working in my game InfiniExplorers, and I can say that I have a little pre alpha demo that you can download from IndieDB:
    InfiniExplorers IndieDB

    or my website (in the dowload section), my web is:

    About the game: InfiniExplorers is a Space-Sandbox game, focus in spaceship and planetary colony building, managing resources and fighting. I dont have story yet but maybe I will include some.

    I finished the building, spaceship movement and the resources tasks, and now I will focus on the threats.
    Im only a programmer so the graphics of the game are not good, I hope get some funds and hire some modelers in the future in order to improve the graphics.

    The demo will have lots of bug and no sounds/music, so I pologize for it.

    You can see a little game play of my test planetary base here:

    If you found some bug or want to say something about the game please post it. I need feedback.

    Thank you for all your support.

    did you use kismet to program yor game?


      Hi!!, Thank you for the response. I didn't use kismet for my game, I use unrealscript. Have you tried the game? What do you think? I need critics, in order to improve the game, I'm more afraid of the silence than the bad critics. Thank you for all and good luck with your projects.


        Im downloading it right now. It looks really fun. I do love a good sandbox game


          Thank you!! I hope you enjoy it.