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"The Labyrinth" free to play game

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    "The Labyrinth" free to play game

    Hello community.

    "The Labyrinth" is a horror survival game released on October 30th 2013 and it is totally free to play.
    This is the first game, I have released ever and of course it is the first I have developed with the UDK. I have to say: "The UDK is such a great toolkit". It is so much fun to work with it.
    I have decided to share this game. It is not perfect. It is not that beauty. But I have learned a lot of stuff around the UDK and I will use the gained experience for the next game from this day forward.

    Thank you EPIC!
    Thank you for the UDK!

    By the way, you can download "The Labyrinth" on
    There is also a gameplay video, only with german voices, on

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that there is also a Facebook page which provides all needed information around the game.

    Yours sincerely
    Andre -freakxnet- Schaaf from Florence of the Elbe (Dresden/ Germany)

    It's got a really creepy feel to it - nice work!

    For your next game, i'd try to add a little variation to the environment a bit. After watching the video, I must have seen the same plant over 30 times. :P Maybe you could have added corpses in the labyrinth too... just to add to the scariness of the game.

    Keep up the good work! Hope your next game goes well!


      very cool... i'm afraid i'm much better at building mazes than solving them, in fact i remember the panic setting in when i got lost in the house or mirrors at the county fair lol... but of course being an adolescent male i couldn't allow anyone to see that panic


        Thank you very much for your statement. I'm really glad to read that. And the hedge. Yes, sure, not only 30 times . There are what about 4500 of equal hedge parts in the whole map. Not that amount of variations I know .


          I like it honestly, yeah the environment is a repetitive there isn't much variation, but these kind of projects are amazing for developing your own game development skills, you learn so much along the way just by doing things, it can get hard but once you pass them you learn a lot. Keep it up and i hope to see more of your games!


            To some, this game may not seem good, and of course, there are a lot of things to improve on - but like Waldermar said, each project is a learning exerience, and learning from previous misatkes will mean that the next project you post on here will be even better than the last. That's what I like to see. =)

            Looking forward to your next project!


              Well, thank you all for your replies. I would like to give you let's play of a friend of me. This shows the game in a state a month before the final release. At this point I thoughed about the game and it was sure that I needed some improvements. This video is also in german but I think if you watch it you see the changes I did. And also what happened with the game during the last month.