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    I don't know why your skeleton freaks out like that. The kit does not modify any bones by code and the AnimTree does not have any modifiers either. Maybe you need to remove the scale for the mesh in AdvKitPawn's defaultproperites, but I don't think that is the problem.

    Sorry I haven't used physics that way, so I cannot guess what could be wrong. A hint might be found a few posts up, where McTune posted code for ragdoll physics.



      Is this package only 3rd person? Or does it include 1st person


        No, only 3rd person.



          Hi guyz, I am currently working on my game based on UTGame. I tried to use this adventure script package on UTGame based gameinfo of my game but its not working properly, actually almost nothing is working well. I know that this adventure kit is built for GameInfo only but did anyone try to use it on UTGame and know what to do with it? FTC do you have any ideas or is it just unreal to port it/use it with UTGame gameinfo? Should I go for my own scripts after all?

          I saw that TKBS created his own way, but it sadly is not enough for my purpose.

          Thank you for any advice,


            You could start by changing the code and extending the AdvKitXY classes from their UTXY counterparts instead. I cannot say whether or not it will work, because I have no idea how the UT-classes are structured, but it is worth a try. If that does not work you would have to convert the code manually or write your own.



              i am very sorry i dropped the ball on this one guys.

              Bad stuff happened around me and then i got sidetracked hoping i could help something good come out of the New UT.

              i have been practising character rigging like i promised and i have feedback from the 2 best (active) character riggers in UT3 community. It turns out it is alot more work than i imagined (always right?) btu im super close.
              i just need to learn how to adjust the bone influences because the custom anims go a bit funky on stock skeletons

              @ Joxxer Would it help if i posted my game code ? (its alot... and its sadly not optimised for non-coders to read & not what a coder would call "clean code") - although if you know me you'll probably have your mind blown


                Originally posted by FTC View Post
                Very strange, codewise it should do exactly the same. The OnWall flag is mainly only for the AnimTree when it comes to jumping down. Have both ledgeClimbState Blend Nodes in the AnimTree "Play Active Child" set to true? Maybe that's it.

                Wow, I feel consistently stupid. I was already looking for a way to retarget my anims to a simpler rig or something. Thank you so much


                  As I said some time ago, my animations are by no means something to really build upon, they were meant only as placeholders

                  Originally posted by clayblaze View Post
                  Wow, I feel consistently stupid.
                  Don't. I realize that as far as documentation goes my kit is really as bad as it gets.
                  Btw, the video you posted is private, so I can't watch it.

                  For anyone else: If you are not too invested in UDK you might want to wait for my UE4 kit to be released, it got a ton more features and should be much much easier to use:
                  (though much like with this one, I cannot give you a definite ETA)



                    Hi guys,

                    sorry for responding so late, I was on vacation.

                    @FTC I will try to look at it, hopefully I manage something really crazy to happen and it will eventually start working.

                    @TKBS Is that code built on UTGame? If so, it would be extremely helpful to me.

                    Thank you both guys,


                      You code like a boss FTC, thanks a lot for this great effort : ).


                        Mctune, thanks for the code snippets, these are essential features. I've just added the first 3 (footsteps, ragdolls & death-height) to the pawn, but I'm getting compile errors telling me that "BaseTranslationOffset" is a bad or missing expression. Its from this line in the code for the ragdoll death feature:-

                        // If we had stopped updating kinematic bodies on this character due to distance from camera, force an update of bones now.
                        Mesh.SetTranslation(vect(0,0,1) * BaseTranslationOffset);
                        I've not got any Uscript knowledge so I can't see whats wrong in that line, but does anybody know what I need to add/change to get this part to compile? If so please let me know!

                        Another problem is that the camera has no collision detection in any of my maps, but it does with the example map. Can anybody tell me how to get the same camera functions in my own maps? Theres an explanation in the thread already, saying you need to change some lines of the Camera class, but these values were already there. I've not tested for collision with static meshes yet, the map I'm using only has BSP atm.

                        Also when you say we need to set up animset notifies for the footsteps, how would I go about doing that. Is there a tutorial that explains it in a way that can be applied to this?

                        This is the best thing to hit UDK since UDK!



                          This is a mess but it might help in some way:
                          Video: _________________________(Skip to 5:50)↓↓

                          Download Link for UDK Source Code:

                          ...One day im sure i will make something better out of it. I have a better version of this but it is integrated into other content, will take time to splice.


                            Disregard this post!


                              Hi ! Awersome work FTC !!! Why camera go through walls ? How fix it ?


                                Im pretty sure what you are asking for is well documented elsewhere on the forums and within the code on these pages↑↑↑

                                FTC has moved on to bigger and better things, try to use the search function.
                                // orbit the camea around the player
                                // uses offsett distance and walls, whichever is closer
                                // delta time= time in secs passed from this frame and the last 
                                simulated function bool calccamera (float fDeltaTime, out vector out_CamLoc,
                                                                    out rotator out_CamRot, out float out_FOV)
                                local vector HitLoc,HitNorm, Start, End, vCamHeight;
                                vCamHeight = vect(0,0,0);
                                vCamHeight.Z = CamHeight;
                                Start = Location;
                                // set cam based on player controleed rotations
                                End = (Location + vCamHeight) - (Vector(Controller.Rotation) * CamOffsetDistance);
                                out_CamLoc = End;
                                // check for cam obstruction
                                vec 16,16,16 is the trace extent
                                if(Trace(HitLoc, HitNorm, End, Start, false, vect(16,16,16)) != None)
                                out_CamLoc = HitLoc +vCamHeight;    
                                //Set cam height, above player
                                out_CamRot = rotator((Location + vCamHeight) - out_CamLoc);
                                return True;
                                - i think that'll work for you, not sure about the camera work but it'll stick to the pawn code